Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Did some shopping yesterday and found a thick book for myself to pour over it; and to add on more tortures to my lil' girl.

This best seller is used by early childhood educators across the world. A theme based curriculum, this book is presented in Alpha order and contains 70 different themes ranging from Ants to Zoo Animals. Each theme contains a variation of the following content depending upon that theme: Curriculum, Web, Theme Goals, Concepts for the Children to Learn, Vocabulary, Bulletin Board, Parent Letter, Music, Fingerplay, Science, Math, Dramatic Play, Arts and Crafts, Sensory, Large Muscle (Gross), Small Muscle (Fine), Field Trips, Social Studies, Group Time, Cooking, Transitions, Books, Multimedia, Recordings and Song Titles. The book sections at the end of each theme have been updated with hundreds of new activities. In addition, an accompanying back-of-book CD-ROM contains important assessment tools, lesson plan forms, evaluation forms for documentation boards, and more.

I was really spoilt for choice as I had 3 other books in mind. Hogged the books, didn't want people to take it from the shelf & did the comparisons on the floor.(selfish bitch!). I'm sure most times you'll find yourself in the same position as I was.... every books are good in their own ways.

Would I get all 3? Nope! I'm not running a school, even if I do.... at the rate I'm spending $$ I'll never breakeven.

Am I crazy?? Actually, I've never felt more joy in teaching my children as I do now. Abit too late right? Buying all these now.... and then I'll never want to have any more children, so can't use anymore.

Perhaps, perhaps I'm just made to be a teacher. Perhaps, one day I will decide to do early childhood learning?

NB: I think this lady, Dr Pam Schiller
is good - though I didn't end up buying her book.

Another book on KIV

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