Friday, July 18, 2008

Miss those times

Met Hiroe, who kindly helped to buy these noris from Japan.
Her initial remark was "I hope still can be eaten" to which I assured her that Athena will finish it in no time. But then...when I opened up the nicely wrapped bag, I thought I can't bear to let her destroy the noris . Thanks Hiroe!

It's been some time since we last chat, eh... that was when Athena was still taking up violin. Oh my! Our kids would usually run to the playground after class while we chat. I was told that they still do that now, but the other kids don't join them.
Isn't it nice that motherhood has brought us new friends? Friends that will last a lifetime? Friends that will truly sympathize and understand why you go crazy and start shouting at/caning your kids; friends who are chauffeurs like you and understand how crazy you are zipping around Singapore; friends that will give you their worldly advice when needed; friends that share your gossips. I love this ah-soh poor tai-tai life.

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