Monday, July 14, 2008


Wow! Check this boy out!!

Athena played her violin on Saturday (to have her complaining) "mummy my fingers pain." Imagine this boy... strumming and moving his fingers up /down the frets on an acoustics - the strings are damn painful.(sounds familiar - so I can't blame Athena for complaining?? She takes after me. Hee!) Such beautiful pieces........i want to be his neighbour - free music everyday. Wait! gotta eat kimchi??

Top Of The World

Yesterday Once More - this is my favourite song.

With or Without You

Soothing to the ears right? Must admit the acoustics guitar have very nice sound. Sister used to have one then she sold it away. I was secretly hoping she don't sell it away coz' I did pick it up to play, can't do the strumming well; tried plucking but usually can't play long coz' it's painful. Then as I kept my nails long, found it more difficult. The strings are hard, which once due to my geh-kiang-ness helped to tune for her and the string snapped. (which was why I was quite scared of tuning Athena's violin). The frets are smaller than the classical guitar so I found it easier. But ask me certain chords, I still remember where to place the fingers.
Honestly speaking, it's easy to pick up other instruments if you know how to read notes and you start to learn what the strings' notes are etc..But playing it extremely well (like Sungha Jung) is another thing. You gotta keep practising and practising. Umm....... I do give up things halfway so now I'm so insistent that Athena don't follow in my footsteps. Shucks! More hidden secrets of myself out

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