Saturday, March 4, 2006

We've got other residents in our house

Today the pak-chik from Singtel came to see what was wrong with our home phone, which was apparently spoilt for weeks.
Tests showed that there was a shock circuit somewhere. And he pulled out our sofa to show me this plug point behind. I made this remark " I didn't even know there was a point here." Anyway, he did what he had to do and checked on other phone points. He asked if there was one in the kitchen and we brought him there. He saw the plug opened and said something about "this has to be closed at all times, sometimes dust can go in and spoil the wires." Anyway he opened up the thing and next minute I heard him throw down the cover and let a loud "yeeh!" I was standing there sms-g to June and looked. There near to my feet was a lizard. Scadycat ran out of the kitchen " yeeeeee..........." and jumped onto the sofa. Wow! I never knew I could run that fast.
Little girl said she wanted to see the lizard and then she made " dirty." Pulled her away and the pak-chik said two eggs dropped out. Shucks! There were lizards breeding in our home.
Thank goodness the pak-chik opened that today. Otherwise we'll be accomodating some illegal pest residents in our home.

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