Thursday, March 30, 2006

If only I can be that accurate with 4 digits numbers??

If only, if only..................... If only I can be accurate with 4 digits numbers. How accurate can I get when I decided to send my girl to school today. Why must it be today? Why can't it be tomorrow? Or next week? Girl has been at home for the past 3 days, as I wanted to let her recover from her cough. Truth is, she was driving me crazy at home (mess the house here and there; keeping me busy; wanting to sleep next to me.. and I had to sleep with her in a non-aircon room) and I really had a terrible headache yesterday due to the lack of sleep for 5 nights. Today, brought her in to school at close to 10am. At 11 plus, as I was walking towards the coffeeshop, I saw Braxton and Melia's papa & mama. So it means they just got in to school. At 1plus, I was putting parking coupon in the car when they drove in. I was puzzled and asked why are they back at this time, and they told me that Braxton has HFMD. And they're back to bring Melia home as well. At this time I was quite worried as girl's immunity system is still low, and although he was there for a short while I'm afraid of the contact they had ( they are lovers you see) . Most importantly is choy!choy! if my girl has it.. my mom and myself can't take care of her (mom's immunity is low and me preggie) so who's gonna do it. Might as well let her have less contact in her school, since Braxton's is the first person.. um... someone will get it. Good thing I've been asking girl to keep washing her hands with the anti-bacterial handwash. Now it's time to bring out the anti-bacterial hand gels and bring it out with me. Anyway, call me kiasu or kiasi.. the moment I heard that I went to sterilize all her school uniforms. Pulled her out at 2pm, Ms Chan had to wake her up from her sleep. Sigh...............she's going to drive me crazy. And I've to stay indoor with her too.............Argh! Need to do on rotation basis with my mom so that I can exercise.

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