Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chinese sinseh Vs Western doctor

Last Friday, brought my girl to the Chinese sinseh to prevent her bronchitis from coming up. Thing in, on Wednesday we noticed the air around out area was very hazy.. Once she reached school she started rubbing her eyes. I asked Ms Chan to help me put the eye-drops, then she started a little coughing on Thursday.On Friday, I brought her to see the chinese sinseh.

I could have brought her to see her PD, but what I don't like is the prescription of antibiotics she always does. Yes, it does help as compared if I brought her to a normal GP (they'll usually give Chlormine) and since they did not know her history of "suspicious of being asthmatic due to inheriditary" they would give normal medications. In the end, I would still have to bring her back to the PD days later.

My girl is already immuned to one antibiotics and can only take Klacid, which I suspect is stronger than the first. See Bacterial Resistence :

What is "bacterial resistance"?
Usually antibiotics kill bacteria or stop them from growing. However, some bacteria have become resistant to specific antibiotics. This means that the antibiotics don’t work against them. Bacteria become resistant more quickly when antibiotics are used too often or are not used correctly.
Resistant bacteria sometimes can be treated with different antibiotics to which the bacteria have not yet become resistant. These medicines may have to be given intravenously (through a vein) in a hospital. A few kinds of resistant bacteria are untreatable.

If I'm not wrong, this time she will also ask me to do 4 times of Ventolin on her; complete dosage of antibiotics; and a bitter dark pink whasalone (something like that) for wheezing.

When I brought her to see the Chinese sinseh again yesterday, she was surprised to see me back within 3 days. I expressed my concern for her as her cough got worst and this time she keeps sneezing and started having stuffy nose. So she explained that her cough arises from the mucus. (Umm... logical since ENT-ear, nose, throat are connected) and asked if I had brought her out for the past 2 days and the sudden switch of temperature eg. hot; cold; hot; cold.
It was spot on! I remember on Saturday when we went for seafood, she was hot then I brought her down to walk along the beach and it was cold. Rushed up to get her her cardigan put it on for her... went back to eat while mom took care of her. Then mom said she was playing/ running in the grass patch, she perspired. Cool down a while and we went back to the car.
When I asked her to help me listen to her lungs, she said it's clear no wheezing at all. So i stopped giving her the Ventolin, but in the night I thought I heard some sound when she was sleeping next to me so I gave her again.

Now, I'm wondering if there's such thing called resistence to Ventolin??

I don't deny that her PD is good but at one visit, she mentioned something about not testing her for something before prescribing her Ventolin and Flixotide. And somehow she kept saying that she is asthmatic.. I don't deny there's a higher chances of her being asthmatic as her papa has it when he was young (and recently it came back again) but I don't see the symptoms of her being asthmatic. In her case, I can safely say she has bronchitis.

Time being, I've been giving her Illiadin nose drops and burning Eucalyptus oil (to the extent that I'm afraid I'll burn down the house one of these days) and hopefully by doing it the natural way will help too.

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