Friday, September 12, 2008

Pre pre-party preparations *re-post*

Can't believe I clicked "Publish Post" when I'm still editing the last part of the entry. I guess I was too sleepy.

These are the things prepared for my lil' princess birthday party in chronological order :

This was parcel #1 that contained the bulk of the party supplies. The subsequent small packages #2 & #3 (which also includes Athena's birthday supplies for school & home celebration. Yah lah... that hiao char-boh wants different theme. I headache!) - didn't take photos at all.

#1 - received 17th July ( 2 months ahead)
In this box : the tiaras, paper cups, cutlery sets, loot bags, blowouts, balloons, stickers, game
Cutlery packs comes in 6s, packed them individually with the bags I have which I bought dunno how many birthdays ago. Very cute, with the Strawberry Shortcake words on it.
#2 arrived some time in July too!can't remember date :
Stickers x 5 packs + another 5 packs of Athena's stickers for her pinata (I forgot to take photos @ that time, now left with 2 packs. 3 packs were put inside the pinata) - online from HKG
Early August - spent a day to do the template/artwork. Then printed it out. By 11th August, I finished cutting the chocolates labels (still using the better adhesive papers I had) and pasted on them.
Booklet was completed too within 2 days. Real tired! By 14th August, I had finished everything and packed them in the bags. Fast worker huh?

Pinata : The pinata closest to the theme is a tiara but... it's those whacking type. no no! So, I bought this sometime in early August and on 15th August evening, the day after I finished the favors for adults, I transformed this Winnie The Pooh pinata
into this. It was only after I received shipment that I realised I should have ordered the Berry Princess table plastic cover. But thank goodness I was still able to find SSC in Singapore.
Printed her name on the adhesive papers I bought. Pasted on both sides and presto! a SSC pinata.
Late in the night, I was wrapping these as token for games. Wondering why the heck am I wrapping big things up instead of using them as favors? - which will make it look more 大方(generous). Truth is, they are too big to go into the loot bag and I don't have time to make bags which I learnt from J, so.... wrapped it as tokens and then let the adults go and gao-tim themselves how to carry the things back. Heehee!

BTB puzzles - boys
SSC stationery set - girls
18th August - designed birthday card, designed the "find the other half..." card & printed out shoes
19th August - printed out on photo papers birthday invitation card, stick them to a hard paper. Printed out itinery. Now time to cut the shoes and laminate them accordingly. This time round I fully utilised the laminator, laminating a few deco stuffs.
Working through the night, I prepared one of the game - matching shoes

Must ensure it's correct. SSC - girls, BTB - boys and named them correctly eg "You're fantastic, ShyAnne!"
Pasted the shoes to the hard foamy board
By the wee hours of 20th morning, I had everything in - prepared to give out the first sets of invitation card to MH and J

Simple birthday invitation card in sweet pink
The things in each envelope:
1) Invitation card
2) Schedule
3) small card
4) half of shoes
* realised that I should have a note inside informing guests to bring it along for game. But not too bad... only one parent forgot about it * actually it didn't matter, I prepared spares naming "Prince" & "Princess". Very thoughtful huh?

Goody bags
What's in the girls' loot bags : (all items packed in 4 weeks prior to party)
1) sticker
2) cutlery
3) Comb - bought in SIN. Not keeping to the Berry Princess theme but no choice.... very limited favors I can buy online too!
4) Tissue - bought in SIN
5) 4 types of snacks. I love the candy bracelet
Boys' loot bags : (all items packed in 4 weeks prior to party)
In the first place, I realised not many things to get online, I could get them here.
1) Sticker - the only thing bought online.
2) Tractor
3) Playdoh with personalized label
4) pencil
5) 4 types of snacks
All favor bags are then boxed up and placed aside

This time too, Ros was kind enough to help me with the poster after settling down in her new home. Thanks so much, Ros! Hope she didn't mind me giving her a much earlier deadline. I always like to finish things fast so that I can fix all the 'puzzles' together on time. Ros finished the poster for me in time so I quickly sent it out for printing on one Friday after Aricia's class.

2nd Sept :
started preparing the chocolates. I can only prepare 4 at a time, so I was multi-tasking with something else - blogging! Hee!
Prepared 16 chocolates, better to have more than less and the extra dark chocolates were moulded for standby. So in total I made 20

I'm quite disappointed with the taste of it but no choice....
All the chocolates will be put in these prepared cups. Oh yah, the sticks were prepared days before with gold foil sticker, laminated cards with names on it. All I need to do is to bake tiara or carriage or castle cookie, piped with colours, seal it up (so it won't turn soft) & put in cup nearer to party date

Other things that are prepared :
11th - busy!busy! Decided that I have not enough time to make cookies + mooncakes so chose to do the latter.
Anpan-man for boys
Hello Kitty for girls
On this day too, I've put up some decorations. Intend to do them bit by bit, so won't tire myself out.

12th - the eve of the party. After her class, went to Baron Balloons in Tampines instead of Raffles City to inflate the SSC balloon. But.... can you believe it? That place is like a balloon sculpting place don't carry it? Shucks! Should have just pop by Raffles City. Thought I'd just inflate a heart-shape balloon then but lady said with that size, deflation will be obvious. So, left the place disappointed but happy on my wallet. Hee! One day, I must le-long all my previous years' used balloons. Heehee!

Lucky for Athena, she didn't have to do her Maths coz' the syllabus for the week needs guidance. The children ran amok, she wanted to sleep with me so I let her and left the room to do the rests of the decorations.

KZ helped with inflating balloons. Every year, she likes to inflate my balloons looking like papaya. She said it lasts longer... I don't know but I don't like the shape, so requested her to help me inflate balloons that looks like what it should be.
Putting the SSC balloons bought online to use but they're really lousy. In that night, 3-4 balloons bursts. Strange the children slept through all the 'bom bom'.

I put up streamers, she put up balloons
This was left to her discretion to do it in the afternoon. Came back to look at the wordings, found it weird to have it read "Aricia 2nd Happy Birthday". She was happy and proud of her smiley face placing. I found it nice and thanked her for her good job. Then..... I pointed out her mistake. "KZ. Birthday is spelt B-I-R not B-R-I!!" Hee! She found it funny and disappointed that after 2 years in Singapore, she's lost her ability to spell properly. Nonetheless, must admit it's rather nice huh? I added the paper tiara on top when Aricia accidentally tore one.
Activity Corner : with colouring pages of SSC and BTB. A peel n stick bookmark thing. All placed on a table which I borrowed from dad, and wrapped in SSC table cloth - notice it's the same as the pinata

Favors for adults packed in 2 different colours, which.... will be using the same colours for Athena's favor bags. So good also, anything left over will be re-packed. Hee!
Finished the job for the day and looking forward to tomorrow's party. I'm running through alot of things in my mind, the sequence; what needs to be done tomorrow. OMG! Can't believe I'm thinking too much into it, like my daughter's getting married like that?!


Celyw said...

wow you mean you do all yourself? amazing!!

btw, may i know how to print the stickers for the hershey kisses chocolates? I nearly want to order from somewhere for my son coming birthday too.

Roslyn said...

O!M!G! You should go pro man!
My husband should read this and then he'll realise I'm not the only one who does alot of DIY for the parties. Really kowtow to you.

Lily Ann said...

celwy2003 : Yes, everything by myself.
Have to do alot of trial & error to get the proper alignment for the stickers

roslyn : you got to be kiddin'. I get so stressed up with their parties, imagine if I have gone pro. Die even before I get my first pay-check. Hee!

Shannon's Mummy said...

yeah! You can be a pro in organising kids' party! Take my hats off you ;p