Sunday, September 21, 2008

The week

It's the longest record I can achieve - I haven't posted a blog entry in one week. Hee! Not that I wasn't typing - I was. Just that I haven't found much time as I tried to spend more time with my neglected lil' baby in the day time. When I tried to write/continue writing in the night, my eyes begins to close on me. Most of the time I sleep at 1+ now, by my standard it's considered early for me.
Life is back to normal, not that it wasn't normal for the past week prior to party but I had to go back to the normal daily home sessions etc.. and truly I can see the difference in mei-mei. She wasn't that fretty or aggitated any more. She won! She's got my attention alright. And needless to say, she did so much better in class on Friday.
So anything interesting happened during the week? Nothing much, I went gym on Wednesday after 3 weeks of absence and ..... body ache like crazy. Had a good workout - I think. Abit relaxed since I don't have to go around Singapore hunting for birthday stuffs. Taking a break for one week before I embark on the next one (in a very relaxed manner) - che-che's party in November. Goash! My whole life revolves around parties.
Tuesday - naughty girl swept the bowl of prawn noodles on me. Argh! Thank goodness it wasn't hot anymore... but my face turned black (oops! darn brown) like the prawn soup and oh boy! I was so sticky and ran upstairs to mom's place for another shower and a change of clothes. Next minute guess who came around our table? Lots of houseflies. Eeks! That girl was happy and kept pointing to me "mummy, how fry... mummy how fry" and then started counting up to 10 for me "one, too, twee, for, fi, six, se wen, egg, nie, teng."

Weekend - I'm happy to stay @ home. Give the older girl her lessons. Hmm.... she has problem answering Comprehension properly. Is it a worry? I think so.. she has idea of the story but has problem answering them in proper sentence structure. I didn't have much worry with her Chinese Comprehension though.
Read in the papers about the tainted milk and started sms-ing friends to discard the Want Want milk candies which was from the pinata. Though it wasn't one of the 2 tested positive, but had to play safe. And I even bought a pack of rabbit sweets to put in Athena's pinata, had to discard that as well!! So cham leh.... I thought I try not to put too much sugary sweets and chose to put milk candy and this kind of thing can happen. So what to put in pinata now? But I feel so bad, mom said it's not my fault coz' nobody expected it but still......

Sunday - tried KPE. Wow! 10 mins to get from one end to the next, so it means in less than half an hour I'll be able to get Athena to school. Hmm.... okay must consider the morning crowd so prob still need a lil' more time. But better than driving around 1/4 of the island on TPE/PIE to ECP. Good news and bad news! What if hubby say.... "since it's only less than half an hour... okay we shall not move." Argh! Stupid KPE!!!

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