Sunday, September 7, 2008

Much ado nothing

I've just wasted my whole day doing/achieving nothing!!!!! Angry! Fed up!

According to my last write-up on Disappointment 2 earlier in the day. The computer crash?!?! @#$% !!!!! Gawd! I can't believe it!! I was loading it, almost close to 1 1/2 hrs and ....@#$% ....prompt comes up and screen turns blank. Argh! I've turned on/off main switch countless times but can't go into the normal mode, tried on safe mode but once I go into Pinnacle Studios it shuts off. Argh! Thank goodness the clips are still in my camera.
Makes me more frustrated coz' I'm in a hurry to burn them into disc to free up space.

Then quickly called to check with sister, said I may need to reload OS etc.... OMG! At this time? And I don't even know how to dismantle the whole CPU from the computer. It was then I decided perhaps getting another DVD recorder would be a better solution, afterall fixing the DVD recorder to TV is simple. Yes? All you need is 1 Out and 1 In. Simple? Tried but it doesn't catch the signal. Argh! More frustrations.

In the end, I realised I've spent the whole day fidling the stupid computer & DVD recorder without any good result. I could have used the time to do other things

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