Tuesday, September 23, 2008


After sending Athena to school, I went to Oh's Farm to get caterpillars. The first 2 pairs bought by MH are Leopard Lacewing so I hoped I could get a different breed this time round. Yes! It's Tawny Coster. Looks almost similiar to LLacewing but I thought LL is nicer looking, so I got that for Jenny. The LL caterpillars looked nicer too.
When I got home, I realised that I was given 3 sets of smaller caterpillars, maybe it'll take longer time to pupate. So to be fair, I took one pair of small caterpillars and a pair of average size caterpillars. I saw di-di's caterpillars. I think one died, it's curled up in a corner.

More information about Tawny Coster :

photo taken from butterflycircle.blogspot.com
I had another mission to run - help MH buy vegetables in the farm. Huh? Ah-nia will skip the vegetables, meat etc... corner when we go NTUC - ask me to go marketing in the farm?? I'm a tai-tai you know????
But it's cheap (sound like ah-soh), $1 for one pack. I bought kangkong for myself. Can't buy much vegetables too coz' we already did our grocery-shopping for the week

At the end of the fruitful trip, I was left with $1.50 from the $44 note I had. Okay, sidetracked a little... she asked me to help her get more caterpillars for her friend, I had to be so thick-skinned to tell her "Okay... but I only have $44 with me." Only to be snapped back, why you have so little money?? What did she expect I was getting? The whole farm? Okay.... MH I know you're reading this. Just kiddin' okay?
Heehee! I had $50 with me, spent on breakfast so left with $44 worth of notes, didn't count the coins lah. I should have told her sometimes you'd be surprised if I have $10 with me, I can only wait until I'm out and pass by an ATM to withdraw money. (So... I'm a poor tai-tai wannabe. Hee!) I always get misunderstood that I spend my time gallavanting in the streets. Tomorrow I will be out in TM with only $3+ in my wallet until I pass the ATM. Normally Mondays are my errands day, but yesterday I wasn't feeling too well, took Panadol and took a nap and didn't go out after that. I couldn't even transfer the $$ to Roslyn. Sorry for the delay, Ros! I should be able to do so tomorrow. I couldn't even bank in Aricia's angpow.

J came by to pick up the caterpillars. I was still alright then... but some time later, my body started aching again. Oh no! I didn't even realise that I fell asleep until MH called. Felt bad that she had to make extra mileage to my place, intended to meet her in Tampines so she didn't have to travel that far. I let Athena stayed over @ mom's place - too tired.

After the nap, I felt a little better and played with Aricia. I only managed to took photos of the caterpillars in the evening. Goash! I must really bar my girl from touching the container. She looked and then she dropped it accidentally. The poor caterpillars who were hanging on the stick for their dear life, fell to the bottom of the container.

Photo time :
@ the farm.
My favourite vegetable - kangkong

The bigger caterpillars

The smaller ones

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