Saturday, September 6, 2008

Caterpillars 2

Day 4 - Thursday
All caterpillars have turned upside down by the end of the day. In the morning,the sisters were so united that they positioned themselves so closely and the same time.
In the evening, noticed too - the 'me' has already moved to the top and there's white thread on the top.

Evening time, 'me' is slowly forming into pupa. I saw the struggle again, this time noticed it's pink outer shell.... within 1 hour it turned to looking like 'dried shrimp'.
The sisters' head has already dropped except for mine. Strange? Noticed the head has been moved to the netting. How is it possible? They were hanging upside down remember?

Day 5- Friday (5th September)
All caterpillars are hanging like bats now.
It's the 3rd day for Papa Caterpillar, 7 more days to go??
It's the 1st day for the three female caterpillars, 9 more days to go??

Day 6/7/8/9
I shan't waste any time blogging this now, until Papa butterfly emerges.

Meanwhile, just log on to read the excitement.

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