Friday, September 12, 2008

Caterpillars 4

Called to check on mama butterfly in the early afternoon , mama still sleeping - wah.... just like me so lazy.

But when I got back home, KZ told me mama came out at 4+pm. sob....sob..... How? Should I let it go today or tomorrow? But most importantly I checked on the colour. "The colour is similiar to the 2 sisters. So it means that our weird way of identifying the butterflies were correct. Papa and mama together in one container. The two sisters who were seen moving together stayed together in another container. Hee!

I couldn't get a good shot of the 2 sisters flying off yesterday as it was getting late. So today went down first before the children had their dinner (otherwise both of them eat so slow....will be late again) I wanted to let it go tomorrow during her party but dunno if will survive that long. It will perhaps survive but I felt pitiful that the butterfly will be enclosed in such small container for the next 17-20 hrs. Better do a good deed by letting it go today, anyway not like she's letting a dove fly off or what. Ahh..... make her birthday until like.....macam wedding.... people will say I siao!

She was brave and held onto the container and looked at mama butterfly. Athena was so far away and kept claiming "che-che protect you. che-che protect you." Funny! Aricia kept looking it, I captured it on camera minute she was either a lil' frightened or angry. She threw the container on the floor! Argh! Poor butterfly, KZ had to pick mama up. Wah..... I heart pain siah! It toppled sideways and I thought I saw it a lil' handicap??? Hmm... in the container, once I saw it toppling on the side.

Mei-mei opening up the container with KZ's help
Peering into the container
Holding and looking at the butterfly until ......
Butterflies' Godma comes to the rescue
It flew off after that. Can't convert the video into Mpeg to load into youtube. Anyway, think better don't load in - show the attempted murder by mei-mei. Years down the road, media will show it to the world that the current Miss Universe was a attempted murderer. Haha!

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