Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jachelle is 6

Jachelle, one of Athena's good friend in school (she claimed), had her party @ McDonalds.

It's the first time we're invited to a party held in a fast-food restaurant. (suaku!) Since hubby's in town, I don't have to bring Aricia with me to the party. Let him do some job! While I have time-out and chat with mummies instead of chasing Aricia about or losing my cool in the party room.

We arrived at the place on the dot - talk about punctuality! Parking was a problem over there as usual but I managed to cunningly get a lot - driver infront of me must be fuming mad.

I should have expected about me losing my cool - I already did when she paused and refuse to go into the party room. And then began to hug my legs like a koala - just like how she'd cling onto me when I bring her in to school and Berries. 讨厌! Threatened to leave the place if she continued doing that, anyway we've done our part in giving the present to Jachelle, I don't care if she wants to continue her stupid behaviour, she can do that @ home. Come on! It's her friends from school and Yamaha leh!

They took food orders from children and adults. Games started after that. My opinion? I don't think the games are well- handled. No. 1, I don't understand why there's only one person doing the games. Obviously, she couldn't handle the kids when she separated them into two groups.
No. 2 - it looks like she's not enjoying her job. She's doing it coz' she's paid to do it. Of course I don't mean to ask her to act like a clown but... at least show some enthusiasm lah! Hmm.... anyway the children won't know.

After two short games, the children were served their meals/snacks. Goash! I'm surprised that she can finish a Grilled Chicken Burger + Fries + Milo + Yoghurt when she just had her lunch about 2 hours ago?!?! And then she can have 2 slices of cakes (she claimed it's small so she asked for another - dunno how true... that girl so shy... dare to ask for more meh?) Anyway, speaking of cake - you know what's written on the cake? Best Wishes??? Hmm.... not very good, considering how much they earn from parties, they should make an effort to have the image icing words changed to Happy Birthday.
Favors were given out + balloons = end of party.
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