Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Children's Day - last thing I'd do for the children??

You think so? Afterall, there's still one more Xmas coming up. Either I'm silly or too wu-liao or too spendthrift - I don't see any mummies doing as much as I do. So...from now on, I'm going to step back a little and stop being so generous.

Preparation 1 : - done on Monday
Baked + do more icing buttercream. Was so pleased with myself coz' of my perfect time execution. I was multi-tasking with baking, washing up baking stuffs and packing up small packs for her Berries classmates.

Packed all my decorating tools + fondant (in case I may need it) in one bag. And lugged the trays of cupcakes + bag down with me to mom's place.
I decided that I shall decorate @ mom's place the next day, so I won't risk damaging the cupcakes while driving.

Preparation 2 - done on Tuesday (today)
In the morning, mom was frying the bee hoon to bring to school. She also prepared some agar agar the day before.

Photos of mom's contribution food
I helped to bring the food down while mom is still waiting for the chicken rice to cook.

I started decorating at 10+, couldn't see what the children played so when I brought the food down, asked Teacher Mamta to help me take pictures( I'm one very troublesome mother). Finished decorating at 2+, rested a while; drank water (thirsty like crazy). Then brought my cupcakes down.
Initially had wanted to bring down 25 cupcakes, but seeing how much of cakes were contributed earlier in the day I thought 16 should suffice coz' they'd be trying to clear the food.

Simple decorations, I still need alot of practice and challenging ways to decorate. But real tired.... you know buttercream are so oily... although I had 4 couplers, 2 piping tips for every tip# that I have - I ended up having to keep washing to re-use them. Sigh!

Oh! I did this cupcake flag. Cute?
Teacher Mamta didn't allow the children to choose the cupcake, but she let Athena choose - maybe coz' I was there.... and I knew my girl would choose this!!


Shannon's Mummy said...

Nah.. this will not be your last thing.. hehehe

BTW, your cupcakes decorations is getting real pro!!!!

Roslyn said...

What tip did you use for the frosting on the last cupcake?

Lily Ann said...

Jasmine : Hee! Looks like you understand me well huh??
Thanks for compliments but still have a long way to go....
Roslyn : I used Wilton's #1M