Saturday, September 13, 2008

Aricia's Wedding ahem ...2nd BD Party

Almost! It was a ball for her to find her Prince Charming
My lil' girl bash's today!! And hubby came home just in time - tired. Nothing much to prepare now, except to check through the finishing touches and checked on the burst balloon, which I heard it burst while I was in bed.
Other than that, nothing else to prepare except to wait for the party to start.

Food came at 11.45am. Ordered the Mini Buffet for 35 pax. Ahem.. actually with that number, I could have ordered those with warmers. But... no space in house. Anyway, I thought of ordering High Tea instead coz' every year we have alot of wastage. But hubby said never mind... ahem.. want to host then host properly, don't starve people. Guess that's our mentality.

1) Sin Chow Mee Hoon
2) Mixed Cabbage
3) Sweet & Sour Fish
4) Curry Chicken
5) Butter Prawn
6) Mini Chocolate Eclairs
7) Fish Ball
8) Steamed Siew Mai
9) Almond Jelly Longan

Asked mom to help me make jelly with the SSC cake pan I have. She can't make the colours on it coz' it doesn't dent in too much. Anyway, doesn't matter.. as long as I have SSC there. I mean it's SSC Berry Princess, I decorate almost everything according to theme except to change my house looking like a strawberry or smell like one.
1st guest : her Godma2 who took day off to come by the party. Thanks A!
Slowly family and guests came and the party's in the way. The children kept themselves occupied, the adults ate and supervised children
Cutting of birthday cake have to be brought forward coz' family members leaving. The video was played :

Cake from Prima Deli, couldn't get those very kua-zhang cake coz' minimum weight : 4.5kg. Eat until....I will look like pregnant with quadruplets!
OMG! I look so fat and pregnant!!! Hmm.... shouldn't have taken photo here, I look horrible & murderous holding the plastic knife
I didn't realise the children were sitting so far apart and can't get a good shot of the children. Sigh... and where was I? Rushing to get the plates. Ahem... you see hor... when it comes to all these parties, KZ's suppose to help me. End up, I'm the one doing it and I reminded her. Sigh! Okay, that will be elaborated in the post-party entry. I ran behind and they started singing - without me?? Yah... anyway with so many people around, who would have noticed it anyway?!

Che-che was more excited, Aricia was blur - I think. Okay, she's too young to know what's going on. Thank goodness, che-che helped in giving out favors to the children. Mei-mei didn't blow out the candles, she tried from a distance.
I wonder why?? Maybe she's shy? In the end, che-che gladly blew out the candles for her. Che-che helped her with the first cut on the cake
Hubby took over while the children looked on
Che-che was irritating us with her "I want to eat this part / that part." If you ask me, that's very rude too! I mean, we're busy cutting out the cake while she keeps yakking away. But must also thank her, that girl helped in giving out the cakes.
I hate to cut cakes, so always leave that job to hubby. Every year, he complained too much leftover cakes (I'm not complaining - hee!). So this year, I ordered only 1.5kg and he cut a big piece for everyone so not much leftover. Just sufficient to give to our neighbours - Kayoko and Soo Hui. Pity! I'd love to have more edible and tasty cake.
Chocolate with chocolate fudge filling. Yums!
My children enjoying their cakes
Was suppose to let Aricia let the butterfly go today, but after what happened the day before. I'm grateful we didn't do it coz' she'd have thrown the whole container down from our living room window and we'd have wasted time running time to do CPR on the poor butterfly. Guests would have felt aggitated for being so kua-zhang. Hee!

Oh! Remember I played Aricia's video montage? Apparently, che-che played her video montage.. I didn't notice until MH or was it A who asked me. Haha!

In-laws left, started the games.
1) Find the matching pair. Aricia's not interested, so che-che helped her (again)

2) Paste the jewel on the tiara. I re-printed the stickers coz' the original had some white border and will be difficult to gauge. Anyway, by re-printing on the lousy adhesive paper (now that comes handy) I can recycle the game and let the children play on other days. Hee! Cheapskate!

MH's so cute! Did a practice with her children. Wah.... so stressed!
The childrens' good trying hard. Xavier the 1st child who pasted the sticker was so close to it. The only time I had to blindfold an adult is when A was carrying Aleciabeth to paste the sticker. And A was so sporting
The prize went to >> Xavier
Pinata :
Again bao ga-liao everything, dunno where KZ is.
Really disappointed with the quality, the strings broke, the flap opened a little allowing very little things dropping out. I had to open it and shake it out. ?!?! While picking up treats, Athena's tiara dropped from her head. Alexandra picked it up thinking it's from the pinata, told her mummy... then my girl said "that's mine!"
Aricia's picks
But was told by KZ that Aricia did pick all these few items herself.
Compare to her greedy che-che who .......... took so much sweets & glitters. Speaking of her glitters, I tell you I put in 2 packs of glitters on her 4th BD and she picked them up. I got frustrated with her coz' she kept claiming she wanted to "do something" with it and never got to do it. So on 5th BD, I put it in and again she picked them up. Now, I threw it into Aricia's pinata and again she picked them up. I'm talking about less than 10, everytime she picks up so many!!! So, will throw in again on her 6th BD. Hee!
Once pinata's done, the guests left. And it's only 4+ not even 5pm. L stayed on and finally X warmed up. Ha! The children were able to play then. L finally had the chance to eat.

X is 4 months older than Aricia

When L left, the children played, we played
Aricia playing the game again.
For some laughters. So drama...
Ai yoh.... forgot to ask guests to help me sign this. Suppose to go into her album, so end up it's only the family members' birthday wishes for her.

When my family left, we quickly cleaned up the house; showered. And then let Aricia open up some pressies first. First present to be opened- from che-che
So, party for her next year? I said no! no! no! But who knows.....I may end up giving them parties.

PS. Have problem loading the video into youtube. Will post this long-waited entry first.


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A really nice one.. The kids must have enjoyed themselves!!!

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I hope so.