Sunday, September 7, 2008


Disappointment 1
I am so disappointed! The chocolates that I bought for chocolate moulding don't taste as good as the last one (Elmos and Mickey etc..) I did. I did went back to BIY on Monday to try to get it but they don't sell it anymore. In the end, I had no choice but to open up the compound chocolate which I had bought from Sun Lik. Taste-wise not as good. But I have no choice already.... I still need to prepare the favors for the kids, I don't have the time/energy to 环岛追追追.

Disappointment 2
Managed to buy some cable from Sim Lim Square (goash! I spent 1 hours just walking in/out of shops) on Friday. It can't work, my desktop shuts off with some prompts.
Then guess what?! I am not convinced that I am going to give this up. I stared at my video camera small labelling, it states it has IEEE1394. FYI, IEEE1394 is some firewire thing which we have in our old desktop (in children's room). You need this to capture video at high speed (ahem.... so I'm not IT idiot afterall). Then I realise I have a dock for the video camera and I can connect it to the DV plug. You say I idiot or not? Blind also!
So happily I plug in and Pinnacle can capture the videos. But...........(you see lah! one setback after another) it can load a few screens at a time and then I gotta re-start the computer otherwise it can't read the DV plug. What rubbish!! I'm recording my holiday videos and only in the aircraft scenes, I have to re-start the computer thrice!! My video is ..... okay, I shan't say how long. But I have a feeling that I'm going to sit infront of the computer the whole bloody day. Skipping home sessions today. The children will be so happy.

Sigh.......thought I can try to make traditional mooncakes today.

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