Friday, September 5, 2008

Yakult Tour

Big thanks to A who painstakingly organised this tour for 40 people.

We met @ Commonwealth MRT station for the chartered bus to take us to the factory in Senoko - Woodlands? (ehh.... closer to home for me right?).
We train-ed down and Athena was excited. She kept yakking and yakking away. *buay tahan* On the EW line, the train
at dunno what station was elevated. She was so excited, " see outside. Can see outside..... so many cars, trees..." *suaku*

A asked the kids to have photos taken together while waiting for the bus. And that girl have to make me angry..... (will blog about that later) MH was consoling me "never mind, never mind...." while I was so frustrated with that girl. Anyway, some photos to share : Alexandra & Athena
Yakults from all over the world
The so-called good bacteria in a small drop of Yakult

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