Monday, September 22, 2008

Ni-hon go

Did realise Aricia is more receptive to english and I hardly speak mandarin to her.

Okay, so last week I tried teaching her her chinese name.
She had that funny accent on her, and when she came to the last word of her name, she chose to recite the whole Japanese characters for me. *bang*

Yup! exposure to foreign language is good but maybe too much exposure? Ends up certain things she's telling me in Japanese?!?! I mean, she's a chinese leh!

Today, tried again. She stopped her Japanese recitation, but she sounded really funny pronouncing her 'Xuan' - became "sheung".



Shannon's Mummy said...

hehehe.. I hardly speak Mandarin to my girl too and she sound like an ang mo when pronouncing the words. The funny thing is I communicate with my hubby and friends all in Mandarin over here.

Lily Ann said...

I think it's quite automatic to speak English to child.
Guess will really start worrying when it's school-going age