Thursday, February 1, 2007

Classes (All my mumblings Part 2)

Talked too much but no action. So today gotta get my butt moving (pray hard Aricia behaves when I'm alone with her)

Spoke to Athena, she's keen in violin not because of what she saw in the orchestra but she really wants to learn. (I hope she doesn't give up halfway) She expresses interest in the piano rather than the organ. However I'm not so keen as I do not want to buy a piano and take up space at home.And moreover, if she can play the organ, she can play the piano (only that the keys are hard on a piano)
I am indeed surprised that hubby said "since she wants to learn, let her learn." And who was the one who said "don't learn so many art stuffs, must have a balance of academic and art" years ago?? Personally I don't mind letting her learn another instrument but it better be 'she wants to do it willingly'. My secondary fear would be "how am I suppose to enforce with her at home since I can't play the violin at all?

Anyway, since I'm going down to Orchard tomorrow, I might as well pop by the other side of Orchard - Forum - to check out Elizabeth's school. I must consider the timing, and if I'm keen the Speech & Drama school should be somewhere in that vicinity, so that I won't be running from one place to the next. But.....that is if I like what I see in the music school. If not, the hunt starts all over again.


I do not want to take up her entire weekends on classes that the both parents have to run around with her the whole day -totally ignoring the little one (eg. no more flashcards, VCDs, computer time, M&M) in the process. I want her to enjoy her childhood at the same time too! And most importantly, I need to have the time on weekends to revise with her any lessons; assessment books etc..

SWIMMING : This will be on the weekday, now I need to go down to the pool to check with the instructor on his class schedule. [ CONFIRMED ]

VIOLIN : Will have to find a school and see the timing now. [ CONFIRMED ]

SPEECH & DRAMA : Will have to find one that is close to the violin school and timing. [ CONFIRMED ]

ART CLASS : I want to put her in Art class as she needs to learn how to draw properly. She draws horribly that her peers in school are much better than her. But this is also not a necessity, if I do.. this is probably the temporary class. [ CONFIRMED - TEMPORARY ]

DANCING : Athena likes to dance so I thought she might like to learn dancing. But when I asked her she didn't want. Anyway, time being mom is waiting from her dance teacher (mom knows ballroom dancing) for his recommendation. I will KIV this. [ KIV ]

I CAN READ : Whatever has happened to this reading program I was so keen to put her in? OVERWHELMED. Of all the classes that I'm been so interested, this is the only academic one. [ KIV ]

Oh yes! How can I forget this? LANGUAGE! Had wanted to let her learn Japanese, can help her a little until she advance beyond my own knowledge of the written & spoken language. But then Japanese is not a universal language, thought of either German or French will really help her. Crazy of me? But we all know that children pick up things faster.. so.... [ KIV ]

1, 2, 3, 4.................Oh my! 5 enrichment classes.

Am i in the league of parents who never gave their children a break during the weekends? Oh boy! That's scary!

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