Thursday, February 8, 2007

Look! Who's here!!

Amidst the un-prepared news that my SIL, Pauline has to be induced today.. we were even more un-prepared when brother said gynae suggested Emer C-Section as water bag level dropped drastically. At that time, I was at SGH visiting mom. She had fever again and she looked jaundiced. Sometimes I wonder why... why is it my mom? Why must let her suffer so much in her old age? Can't she just enjoy being a grandmother in her old age?? Doctor was suggesting a minor surgery.. actually not really a surgery, it's like puncturing holes to her stomach to remove something.. I just can't recall what's that word now.
Anyway.. after visiting mom .. drove down to KKH. Abit siao.. my brother also rushed down from KKH to see mom. So, the four of us - father; sister; brother and me all like dong-dong like that drove own cars. If possible, can tong-pang someone and save the parking fees right? We gave KKH & SGH 4 times the parking fee.

Initially I had wanted to go back home to bathe my smelly girl and only stay on for 1hour or so. But when we were there, SIL was still in the room. So in the end, shelved the plan and stayed on to stay with brother outside the OT. Wah lau bei long siah! We waited and waited outside the OT. Nobody told us we were to wait elsewhere.. until one staff called my brother on his mobile. We were then looking for it. I couldn't contain my excitement! I am going to see Ignatius - my nephew for the very first time. And.. we're only a few steps closer to the room. Ignatius eyes were opened and he looked at us. I was quite a drama-mama.. I almost cried. Shit! I cried when I saw my two girls when they were brought to me, now I cry with my nephew.. Either I am siao or too emotional. Helped brother take pictures of Ignatius. And the nurse flipped the receiving blanket to confirm gender. We were like... "oh.. so you going to show us his bird bird?" So, I'm honoured to be the 3rd person- other than Pauline & brother - who saw him.
Guess what the bloody nurse had to say to me. "Oh! You're pregnant?!" "No... I just gave birth not long..." She was so embarrassed, and I blamed not only my fats but the breastfeeding top that I was wearing. You see lah! My sis said I shouldn't be writing too much about me being fat in my blog, but that's the truth what?! When I told this to SIL's mom, she said then I should have No.3 and try for a boy. I was saying "no, no no! 2 is enough. 2 is enough to drive me up the wall." I didn't realise in my excitement my voice was so loud that a doctor who was standing nearby was laughing and he later smiled at me when he got into the same lift.
Back to the topic - After that we left the room, brother waited for her outside while we suddenly remembered it's lunch time. So, I went upstairs to bring them for makan. When we went back to the room, they were still not there. When I brought down the food for brother outside the OT (& I complained that I forgot to take a photo of Ignatius & me), they said they're changing her room. So I was given the duty to pack the things and bring them over to the new room. Should have charged them bell-hop fees.
Ignatius was already in the nursery. We brought Aricia to see her di-di (cousin) and put her too close to the glass, she knocked her head on the glass twice. Haha! Got some interesting shots of her (in her blog).
Then as they wheeled Ignatius into the room, we were all scrambling to carry him. Of course SIL's mom was there so I had to show my respect.. When I did, I was so happy. I just wanna cry (crazy woman!) and then I want to carry my own baby again... Maternal instinct kicking in?? Argh!No!No!
I'm a 姑姑 already!
I'm going to bring my camera along when I next visit them. These photos were taken from my mobile phone.

Baby Ignatius
Born at 1.25pm
Weight : 2.71kg
Length : 46cm
Head Circumf : 34cm

Hey! Both Aricia and Ignatius were born around the same time. Just half an hour apart..

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