Sunday, February 4, 2007


We played host to Richard today before he leaves for Melbourne & KL tomorrow.

The whole gang went over to the hotel to pick him up; and headed for Chinatown. (Well, the last time he was in Singapore - 6 years ago : for our wedding.)

We were walking to our first stop - lunch when we passed by Sri Mariamman Temple. We were naturally drawn to enter the temple as we heard music coming from it. Turned out as I checked, they were bathing the God - no wonder the Hindis were seen clasping their hands. Richard is indeed lucky, the very first time he was here (this is his 3rd trip) I brought him here and there was something going in inside - he remembered it was a wedding. And this time round, he caught something again. First stop was Yan Palace Restaurant. At first Richard was doing alright with his chopsticks; then he got tired and asked for a fork & spoon. Food was alright, it's the company that matters. I enjoyed the hashima more than anything else.

Here's one together

Taken outside Chinatown Point

We then left to walk around Chinatown in the blistening hot sun. It got worst when we were walking in the stalls at those closed roads. People and people everywhere... even if it's not the sun that gets us perspiring; the people walking so close to us will make us perspire.
The heat got into Englishman Richard, who's used to cold winters in both England & US, and he was practically drinking & drinking. First, he needed the decaf drink from Coffee Bean; then we asked if he wanted young coconut juice and he took it. Hot and cold - drink buay lau-sai I laugh siah!
He looks better this time round. Once his perspiration was practically trickling down his forehead

So inspired by Yveon's hubby who takes nice shots, was trying it myself but turned out horrible

At one stretch of the road, I made a loud tsk to which the f#$%-ing woman turned to look at me like about to pick up a fight. I glared back at her. When women fight; they scratch like cats. Haha! So, it's not hormonal changes during pregnancy that make me bad tempered.
What happened was I was so frustrated with this couple walking in the opposite direction. We were walking along a narrow path in both directions. And this couple were holding hands and already the path is just nice for 2 person to walk they have to bloody block my way; I tried to move to my left or right but there's simply no space. And they so lovey dovey to the extent that they still had to continue holding their hands. They could have just let go for that one minute and let people past or have one of them walk infront the other. No.. they didn't & we jammed up the other pedestrians for a split 20seconds. I didn't care and just squeezed my way through forcing the lady to walk behind and she heard me tsk at them. Darn! Should have just pretended and step hard on her toes. I turned back not to look at that f#$%-ing woman who thinks she's pretty in that spaggetti top and fully made up face (hope her make up melts on her face & the boyfriend gets scared by it & run away); but rather was seeing how my helper was to push the stroller with them so stuck to one another like Chang & Eng.
Anyway, I do not want my outing to be spoilt by some irritating pests. To us, its not really exciting things anymore but to Richard everything is an eye-opener. He wanted to get this Chinese top but it costs $53, although it's cheap after conversion to USD, he thought it's not worthwhile.
And how I can't forget his favourite - BBQ pork? Wanted to get him a kilo of it to bring it back home but US customs are very strict. So..dunno what else to get for him. The queue in Lim Guan Eng is long and we didn't want to wait, so we bought him a few slices to eat for tonight (before he flies off tomorrow) from 美珍香 and we bought ours too-which may finish before CNY.
We had alot of snacks along the way, he was curious; I was greedy. I bought and we all shared. He wanted to try the tapioca cake but was too full. Umm... okay shall see if I can get him that when he comes by on CNY. Well, no one lied when they Singapore is a food haven!

We sent him back to the hotel for a rest before Dolly takes over the night shift. I followed him up to his room to collect something from him. Thought I'd help keep the things he don't need with me for the time being, so that he don't have to lug it to Melbourne & KL. And we were sniggering away.. thinking of what he told me earlier in the day. "You know when you came to send me off in the hotel. People kept looking at us? They see me; you and a girl they think.. family?" I laughed and said it's impossible coz Athena looks chinese unless it's my second marriage. So when we stepped into the hotel lobby again, I made this remark "oh that woman with her child is back again!"

Anyhow, he's back again on the 17th and fly off on the 19th morning. He's going to stay with us - in our small but humble home. And do some visiting on CNY with us. Umm.. shall look forward to that. Athena loves him and even offered her hand to him to let him hold her today.

* More photos with the children in their respective blogs *
Ate so much rubbish while in Chinatown. Had 2 Thai pancakes; 5 spicy fishballs, 1 McFlurry. Hubby said I ate so much, and I wanted to answer him back "well.. I'm feeding my fats."

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