Saturday, February 3, 2007

" Athena very lucky.."

KZ, my helper , commented that Athena is very lucky that we will let her learn whatever she wants. I did explain that it's better than forcing on her on something she's not interested in, and the mother gets stressed in her laxed performance, and scold the child.
Moreover, children in Singapore are precious. Most parents will send their children to somekind of classes, but of course they're some who wouldn't.

KZ did say that once she's back in Myanmar, she wants to continue learning her guitar and keyboard. "I see Athena so clever can play. So I want to continue to learn. Now I know... mothers all very good. I come to Singapore I grow up already."

Fact is : Her mother did let her learn keyboard but the wilful her, took the money and spent it away on food. And 6 months down the road, the teacher came to the home (she saw her coming and ran off..) then did the mother realised she didn't go for lessons.

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