Sunday, February 11, 2007

Busy weekend

After getting scolding from Athena for not bringing her home early from school - so that she can visit di-di, I brought them out again on Saturday.
Well... before brother had to quickly leave for work, Ignatius decided to poo-poo. And my SIL can't change the diapers (too tall.. will be hunching her back + scar pain etc..), he wanted to ask the nurses to help; until I volunteered to help. In the room, I was the most experienced since I just had another baby not long ago. They felt comfortable (I think) and let me do it until I shreked "oh shit! how do you clean the bird bird?" My father was trying to 'suan' me "just clean lah! You clean babies before what?!" "Yah! I cleaned 2 ko-ko-poks (my daughter's endearing way of calling her private part) leh! This one is bird bird!"
And my irritating father had to ask Athena "come come to see the bird bird".

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Had been a mad woman running around from place to place these few days that I'm really exhausted. Plus hubby not around so it's mainly a 2-man show. Exhausting! You can imagine how exhausted I was - I was to put Athena to sleep but I fell asleep instead!!

Hubby came back home late last night. So... our 6th anniversary went by quietly. Infact, I forgot about it until he mentioned "ay.. today 10th hor?"

Since hubby hasn't seen the baby yet, we went down again. And he hasn't visited my mom either so went to visit her today.

Then we have to attend Victoria's birthday party in Tampines. Hubby didn't want to go - good also! Can go on a slow pace for Athena.
Read about the party here!

Came home late; needed to shower her; put her to bed..and she was complaining that she didn't do her music lesson today. And I needed to post my late blog entries - apparently all pre-dated and posted late - 12th Feb (Mon)!! Which also explains I didn't do much editing for the photos, just load in and write.. faster this way.

Shit! Another busy weekend next week. It's CNY and will play host to Richard and turn my house into a Bed & Breakfast for him. Thank goodness, we don't have much relatives to visit. Can rest, rest and rest

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