Saturday, February 24, 2007

Massive update

I finally got to finish doing the stuffs I need to prepare for Athena's home study.Yeh, I know I talked about this a long long time ago.. but I never got the chance to act on it until now. And the preparation took me about 3 days, working from the time Aricia / or both sleeps till 3am; no nap in the daytime coz' the little one keeps me busy. I look ghostly with dark rings under my eyes.
So now I'm ready to teach her Blends & Digraphs. While preparing the materials, I found that the way they introduce the 'between words' is so interesting and creative. Wow! I think I can really run a Phonics school now.

My girlfriend says I'm crazy and the most kiasu mother she's come across.

Now.. I dunno where I left my mobile phone. And goodness! When was the last time I checked my phone?!?! Day time busy; night time busy... wau lau eh.... macam I'm working in Geylang like that.
Is it in the pile of cardboards or what? Or in some bag? Darn! I hate it when I try to organise some things (in this case her study materials) and end up being so disorganised!
Don't think there's an urgency to find it now. Don't ask me to call myself, coz' my mobile is always on silent mode. Anyway, I don't think anyone would be calling me right? If it's my family, they can always call me at my home. If someone is calling me to help them from loansharks or killer, too bad.... I think they're dead by now.Hahaha

Speech & Drama
Since I was in the vicinity today, decided to check the Crestar - Hougang in person. I was still waiting for the person to call me to confirm the class but no one called. Anyway, the available violin class is only left on Wednesday 1pm. Nah! She's in school. They do have space in their Speech & Drama,which runs every Saturdays 10-11am. Yippee! can check that on my list. DONE! But must admit the school was not in my list.
I am still trying to psycho Athena out in taking up violin but she still insists on it. Asked if I give her a choice between violin and dance.. she still wants to learn violin.
Okay lah........since she wants; we'll give her. Otherwise she might end up blaming up next time for not letting her do what she wants.
♫ Called up Thomson's Crestar - no available space for violin at all.
♫ The next choice is to go back to Marine Parade - the first place I called weeks ago. When I called today to check, it's still available and it seems like it was all fated to be where she should be. They were waiting for that one person to make up for the class of 5 to start. Only weekdays, so now every Tuesday 6pm is the 'yi yi or or' day.
And then we gotta pay money to be a Suzuki member. (So I know she's learning the right stuff not like some idiot person who so claimed " we teach by Suzuki method" but pointed to the book and even told me it's a brand name.) DONE
Umm... gotta go down to the pool soon to find Mr Tan to find out if he has class on Friday. I dunno where I left his name card. (Shit! Forever losing things, one day I'll forget to bring my children home) The rainy season is over so I think I can start her sometime in April (maybe) and I can resume my swimming.... er.... I think I should buy a new swimsuit??
I Can Read
I'll put a hold on this first. Let me go ahead with my lesson plans and I'll see if she can read simple books from what I taught her.(She can recognize some words from GD flashcards though.) If this works, then can forget about enrolling her in the school, coz' to read is basically about deciphering the words.
Art Class
Not that important, though she draws atrocious pictures but I don't expect her to be a Picasso.

This is infuriating! Mother say I always accuse them on no grounds; say they can't control her she not scared... but the truth speaks for itself again!!Everytime she stays there and come back home. I ALWAYS HAVE TO END UP NURSING HER. It gets really frustrating you know?! She wanted to stay overnight on Wednesday and Thursday, so I let her be - so that I can quickly finish doing her cards. I was there to pick her up on Wednesday, only then she said she wanted to stay overnight. Then the ice-cream man was ringing his bell, brother asked me whether Athena can eat. I said no! He probably asked when I was there; if I was not there - all hell breaks lose. No rules and Athena will be happy like crazy. When I called her in the night during the 2 nights, she was always eating some tidbits.
I want her to enjoy her childhood and remember that she usually stay over at her grandma's place, but yet I do not want to keep telling mom not to give in to her - only to be chided by her. Most importantly, I hate to nurse her when all they did was to make her happy by feeding and allowing her to eat. I hate to do the dirty job! I hate to worry if she'll vomit on her bed when she coughs too much, I hate to keep worrying if she'll get choke from her vomitus if she vomits and we're in our room - can't hear.
Been wanting to do some shopping, I feel like dressing up and beautifying myself. Get nice clothes; a nice hairdo and bring my little Aricia for more shopping. But I'm going to lose as much weight as I can, and do the shopping from that whatever size I can go down to.

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