Monday, February 12, 2007


Realied that I haven't put up this long overdue picture of Aricia at tummy time. How's her skills?? I think she's slower than her che-che and abit more 'nuan'. At this time, Athena was sitting quite steadily when we propped her up. As for Aricia, she doesn't!

Honestly speaking, it's either she's really 'soft' or she's simply mischievous. I hope it's the latter and I have some same incidences to prove it - when I put her up she uses her legs to move herself down and she starts smiling. And it happened a couple of times. But then there are some times, when you put her up she'll fall like dominoes to her left ; right; centre. I hope it's not this case.. otherwise it's a concern for me to check out her development.

Now.. what about the tummy time? She's been doing it, but most of the time her hand position is wrong, so she's stuck!

Aricia likes to play. I play peek-a-boo and she starts laughing out loud. I hit the sofa hard and she laughs out loud. I do funnhy things or even talk - she'll laugh. Whatever it is makes her so ticklish?? Oh! She has this fondness for plastic bags; perhaps it's the crinkling sounds that she likes (as I noticed she liked the cloth books that makes crinkling sounds.) You take the plastic bag away from her and she'll cry & shout. She's so loud... as compared to Ignatius who's so gentle. Yes!Yes! I know I shouldn't let her play with plastic bag. I only let her play (for a short while) only when I'm there .. and then I take it away from her.

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