Thursday, September 7, 2006

Two of her favourite boyfriends are leaving

Do children at this age remember who their friends are? (I think so... I still remember my PAP boyfriend, Boon Keng)

Yesterday, I bumped into Javier's mummy, Jeslyn, after such a long time. And she told me that Javier and his younger brother Zendan will be starting next year in a new school. After which the whole family will be emigrating to Perth the following year.
Braxton, her another boyfriend, is also starting the new year in another school. I think it's a pity that her two of her boyfriends are leaving....

One of the reasons I oppose to hubby's suggestion to change Athena to another school was "the friends she has". Now, one by one is leaving. And they probably won't even rememeber her......

So.... shall I change her school? But then,there'll be a disruption to the syllabus the school adaopted.

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