Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Aricia has been moving alot of late. Moving practically every few minutes,dunno if she's feeling uncomfortable or what, or practising Bodycombat. Poor mummy gets abused by her children.

She likes to nudge her limbs around, suddenly you get a bump here and then there. And she's really cute, responding to me when I asked and talked to her. And when I play her Mozart (or Rojak - as what Athena calls it) CD; she moves in accordance to the music.

I remember saying that she's alot more gentler than her elder sister. She still is - but now moves as much as her sister. I don't mind her moving alot, but sometimes she gives you the sudden movement when I'm either driving or talking - and then I gotta pause. As for driving, I gotta go slow on the road.

And oh yes! Did I mention that she lies on my right side? When I sleep on the side and turn to my right; she'll make funny movements to remind me that I'm squashing her. I have a feeling that when she grows up; she'll have the same preference as hubby to lie on the right. Athena and me lie on the left, and Athena was lying on my left side.

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