Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Day

Weekends are usually lazy days where I will get up late, but today I had to get up the usual time (on weekdays) to make my way down town. Was quite grumpy this morning, as everybody didn't seem to care about Athena's breakfast while I was preparing myself in the bathroom. Started grumbling to everyone around the house. I wonder if they will take the initiative to remember to feed the older girl, while I'm either resting or busy with the little one OR I'll be so stressed up bothering about whether the big & small one had their meal; had their shower; brushed their teeth etc......Who said being a mother is easy?!

We left the house with KZ staying back at home (we need family time together). For obvious reasons, I was late for my appointment. But it doesn't matter as there were many people ahead of me and I needed to do a prick test first. Luckily, I brought out my breakfast with me. So I had my tuna sandwich at the lift landing area (didn't want the clinic to smell of tuna, and have cats coming into the clinic.)
Everything went well, today they let me do a scan first before taking my weight. I was very happy that Aricia has gained 0.34kg within a week (thanks alot to Wilma) - she's now 2.54kg. Good!As long as she's above 2.5kg I'm happy. Of course Wee Chee did explain that it's only an estimate, we have to +/-0.03kg. So it means she can either be 2.51kg or 2.57kg. It didn't matter to me even if she falls in the former, as I still have time to gain some weight for her. Athena's weight at that time too was around 2.5kg. It then confirmed that it's just me - all my babies will be small. Then it was time to weigh myself (crossed my fingers when I was on the scales). I am pleased that despite gorging myself with lots of food; milk; durian mooncakes during the week, I only put on 0.1kg - that makes me 67.3kg heavy (total weight gain : 10.3kg).When I walked out of the room, I gave Aricia a good rubba rubba, praising her a good girl.
I had to do my Pre-Admissions today. Decided to stay back in single-bedded room, but *gasp* was that the same price we paid almost 4 years ago? Then, I saw the price between Elective C-section & Emergency C-section. All the time I keep thinking that Elective C-section would be more expensive but I was wrong. The staff heard my comments to hubby and asked "she was an Emergency case?" "Yes, the high maintenance child"- as I said that I turned to look at girl who hasn't stopped prancing about since morning. She saw me looking at her and went "huh?" After I did my blood test in the lab, hubby said "Athena's a high maintenance child, liao-lui. Somemore got no Baby Bonus for her, Aricia still got Baby Bonus. Next time, Aricia will be richer than you Athena."

Hubby had a voucher for Tung Lok that expires in October, he told me it's due next week. ( I had a peep later and saw it's October, probably he thought I'll be in confinement so can't go out.. So sweet of him...)When we were walking towards the carpark, he asked where is the nearest Tung Lok. I could only think of Club Chinois at Orchard Parade Hotel or Charming Garden in Copthorne Orchid. He decided to head out to Copthorne Orchid, only to find out that they've closed since April.
Racking our brains, he thought of Paramount while I thought of Noble House. But he decided to take a longer drive to let the girl nap inside the car, so we went to Paramount. We couldn't go for the Ala-carte buffet which requires a minimum of 4, so we had to settle for the Set lunch for 2. The portion was just nice, Athena the fussy pot wanted to eat BBQ Pork bun and noodles. We ordered the bun for her and let her have our E-fu noodles. That filled up the tiny stomach.
We finished lunch at 2pm and unanimously agreed to head back home. I was getting tired; Athena only napped a short while; hubby tuned his bodyclock to weekend mode - where we will all nap in our bed with girl in between us for a cuddle. At home, we all had our shower and plonked to bed. With Athena & me sleeping longer. Woke up just in time for dinner.

Dinner then, was simple foodcourt food. I was feeling a little guilty so had dumplings soup for dinner. Did I mention that Athena seems to be on some kind of drug today? She hasn't kept still except when she's napping in the car and home. She hasn't been walking but galloping like a little pony; jumping while I'm holding onto her hand etc.. I just don't know what got into her. At home, she was singing and dancing.

Anyway, that somewhat ends our Saturday.

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