Thursday, September 14, 2006

One of our games

Sometimes, if I can, I'll pop by hubby's office to pick him up from work after picking girl up.

While waiting, Athena & myself would keep ourself entertained by playing games in the car.

One of our games goes like this as we observed people walking out of the side gate.
Me: That is not my daddy. He/she is short etc....

Sometimes, she'll say (whatever comes into her mind) before I did.

Once, I came out with this sentence " That is not my daddy. He is fat." (was a fat guy who came out)
And Athena, being the naughty girl, said this ( I did not expect her to continue my sentence) "my daddy is fatter!" I bursts out laughing in the car.

When hubby's been told of this, he bursts out laughing and tickled our little girl (and she had to beg for mercy)

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