Saturday, September 9, 2006

Our silly chat

We were lying on the bed for our nap when Athena and me chatted.

A : Mummy, why mei-mei always like to kick you?
M : Because she has not enough space inside Mummy, so she is kicking mummy.
A : Ha ha.. Mei mei so naughty one.....
M : Last time you also inside mummy tummy, you remember? You also kick me and punch me.
A : Last time I small small baby in your tummy then I bom, then now I big big
A :(pause) Mummy, you eat more lah! You eat more and then your tummy bigger, then mei-mei got more space lor....
M : Yah. So smart hor?

In the night
A : mei-mei, mummy call you wake up!!!!
A :(turned to look at me) Mei-mei never wake up? .... Mei-mei wake UP!!!
M : Mei- mei cannot hear you
A : I talk to mei-mei in the centre? Mei-mei here in the centre? (points to my navel)
M : No, mei-mei here (point to my right side)
A : No........mei-mei here in centre. WAKE UP!!!(the little air makes me tickle)
A : Mei-mei, you still got enough space or not? I ask mummy to eat more so you got space.
A : Mei-mei, you quickly come out okay?
M : When do you want mei-mei to come out?
A : Tomorrow!
M : No! Too soon. You count the number of days, on the XX day then you will get to see mei-mei
A : Okay.... 1,2,3,4,........
M : Huh? I mean days not seconds!

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