Saturday, September 9, 2006

Hubby's first trip to the obstetrician with me - for this pregnancy

It is only now that the dad has shown his face in Dr Teoh's clinic - after such a long time. Of course it would be nice to have your hubby following you on every antenatal appointments, but I simply detests the weekend crowds. And having gone through the first baby, I realised that it's no point in hubby following me every appointments, until much later.

For the previous 3 appointments I was not able to put a slot on a Saturday... so I'm glad that now finally hubby had a chance to see Aricia moving (instead of the photos I bring back)

My appointment was early, went upstairs to do a prick test with my girl while hubby went to park the car. Then we met in Lucky Plaza for my breakfast.

Nora first took my weight. Usually I'm happy when she looks at my weight and I'll make a comment "heng ah............never put on much weight". Today, I was happy too but this time round, my comment was "good. I finally put on more weight now. I've been eating & eating, so I hope Aricia takes in more weight." Everything remained so hopeful until Wee Chee did the scan for me before Dr Teoh came in to see me.
Wee Chee: Your baby very small you know?
Me : Yes I know, how heavy is she now?
Wee Chee: Approximately 2.2kg
Me : Huh!!! Only 2.2kg
Wee Chee: What was the last weight we told you?
Me : 2.08kg. It was about a week ago. And only gained 120grams?
Wee Chee: Usually all these are estimation only. Let me check the chart. Athena was a small baby also? How heavy was she?
Me : 2.6kg
Wee Chee: That means, it has got nothing to do with any malnutrition or what. It's just your body - skinny so all your babies will be small
Me : Then I gorge myself during the week to put on more weight. Was so happy just now, then now I realise the extras will come back to me.
Wee Chee: Haha! So now baby is not the parasite anymore - you are! But it's okay if baby is small what?! Athena was small and then you fed and plump her up, so you can do the same for your baby.
(a while later she came back)
Wee Chee: I checked the chart, your baby is considered average. So no need to worry.
Me : Yah. But I'm going sugery soon. So that means I will not have enough time to help her put on more weight. Would there be any risks for the baby? Won't she be in the incubator? What is the weight......?
Wee Chee: 2.5kg and above is considered okay.
Me : (have to be mentally prepared)

Then hubby was called in to see Aricia. I wonder how he felt seeing her "live" for the first time. We only got the side profile as she was moving her fingers about. A little sad that I couldn't get a nice photo of her.

A little worried. What if ............... To think that I was happy thinking that she's going to be bigger than her sister.

Average Fetal length & weight chart

Weight today : 67.2kg (total weight gain :10.2kg)

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