Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Reunion Dinner - counted?

Collected our dinner from Crystal Jade at TM in the afternoon. This year, my PILs won't be coming over to our place for dinner so we had our own reunion dinner.... with my mom and brother one day early at mom's place. Haha!
Ordered 金装鲍鱼盆菜组合 Golden Reunion Package for ourselves. When hubby showed me the brochure the previous week before (when we were there for lunch), he pointed to me "we should order this. No need to cook.." I didn't pay attention to what was inside coz' I was more interested in the Treasure Pot Mixed Fruit Cake and Prosperous Cupcakes. But I did notice it was for 10 pax and we don't even have 10 pax?!?! He said we can keep it for days to eat.

After we collected the food, he suggested going over to mom's place for dinner there so more people can help to finish the food. Huh! What more people? Only mom and brother are at home at that time.
When mom saw the food, she mentioned something about "this is 盆菜." I had no idea what it is (yah...I didn 't pay attention to the brochure), I just said "it's claypot what?!" Dumb bimbo's talking!!

Later on, I came across an article in Xinmin Ribao on 盆菜 and the meaning :

十全十美 (completely perfect)
美美满满 (blissful)
团团圆圆 (reunion)
盆满生意兴隆 (prosperous/thriving business)


The Meat Platter

FOC : Fish gao (x2)

Che-che who just stared at the thing..

After our dinner, we proceeded to Giant to do our shopping. Our grocery-shopping for the week. Ai doh........I'm just not in any mood for CNY this year. (Firstly, I didn't decorate the house as red as possible. I bought this "discounted" Mickey Mouse banner and another Mickey & Minnie Mouse holding onto two scrolls with words on it. It was probably discounted coz' Year of The Rat is coming to an end, they will have to wait for another 12 years to bring it up ...but by then the design is old-fashioned already. I bought it coz' my children liked Mickey Mouse and you can imagine their excitement when they saw it, and started singing the Mickey Club House song. Secondly, I didn't have the time to do shopping for the kids. I will let them wear the clothes they received from mom for Xmas. Thirdly, we didn't even buy any NY goodies until hubby came home with 3 containers of goodies + my 2 bakes. Every year we end up with alot of wastage and discard them so didn't bother to buy any. Didn't even bother to buy BBQ pork, we don't fancy that so much now that we're older.) We don't really know how to cook food with auspicious meanings, so what's the use of buying fish maw or oyster or ...? In the first place, I don't even eat those stuffs!! So our shopping is really grocery-shopping for the week lor! CNY's a time for us to relax at home..

It's close to midnight and I'm printing some things, trying to save space on the lappie. Hubby just left for his friend's house for some card games. A tradition they've been doing for so many years, only once it was held at our place. That time Athena was still small.....I used to join them for 2 years until I found it difficult to bring her along with us and preferred to stay at home. And I didn't even watch the countdown!!

Happy New Year to all!!

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