Sunday, January 25, 2009


The cutesy lil' girl likes to imitate her sister. This afternoon, they were watching しちだの森de wakuwaku 右脳ウ while eating and when the song came on, they started shaking their head from left to right and vv. Comical!

She's been very naughty lately too! She's been throwing things all the time. Argh! Telling her to stop; smacking her hands etc...doesn't seem to help. As what KZ says of her 'precious one',"she not stupid, she very smart. Go one time can recognize place very well. She understand everything but how come she don't understand 'cannot throw' this word?" Yah....I fully agree with KZ.

Home session - I'm so proud of her. When I tried 10 cards with her last year for LM, she flipped the cards all over the place and didn't want to pay attention. I started to get a little worried, thinking it might take her 'many months before she finally realise she has to do 10 instead of 6', by then she'll be close to 3 yrs old. Then these days she proved to me that she can do it, but I must admit she does get a little confuse coz' I'm doing 2 different sets of stories with her. But once she hears the start of the story, she knows.

I don't know what to say about her speech. She's speaking well but she's not pronouncing her words well for me. Argh!!!!
Today, she showed daddy how to turn on the computer (he's surprised) and then guess what my girl said? "Window!" and pointed to the icon. Haha! He was even more surprised that she recognizes the word.

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