Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Day 1
Left the house at 12pm for PILs place. As usual they're entertained by lil' girl.

Then we headed to mom's place, not before dropping by Marina (River Hongbao - only to see it closed). Nah! Hot sun .....

Too tired to blog more, photos will do the talking. Aricia was so funny, everytime she receives an angpow, she'd come to us and ask us to open her bag (hanging around her neck). She refuses to remove it too!

Day 2
Spent the time with Athena on the piano, doing her work. Ex-colleague dropped by for a visit. I haven't seen her 2 girls for so long, almost couldn't recognize them. So sweet of them to pai-nian.

My parents came by, as usual. Very comical... it's like a tradition thing too that my family will come over to pai-nian with me (not that I've fantastic NY goodies for them)
The children played, can't do much too coz' it's working day/school day the next day.
Hmm........in the afternoon, hubby told me he actually took one day off tomorrow but then he needs to be back in the office and now he has some meeting .... "tao yan, my leave wasted!" Actually poor thing, I noticed he was working over the weekend.

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