Friday, January 2, 2009

1st Day - Athena

Athena is ready to enter Primary School. A different lifestyle; different expectations (from the score-mad mummy).

I think she's ready to go to school, until she showed me she was so clingy and whiny - I worried a little. But today, she proved to me otherwise. Dunno lah! My girl likes to surprise me.

She obediently ate (though still a little slow) her breakfast, changed her school uniform on her own without fussing. Wah........180 deg change leh!

She has problem buttoning up the first button of her shirt. Taught her again how to do the pleats properly.. Hmm... practice makes perfect.

Dressed and ready to go to school. Ah yoh.........I look at her like looking at myself like that.
In the car, I asked her a question. "Athena, how do you know you had to pull down your socks?" I found it amusing she could do it and probably didn't want to look as nerdy as her mother did last time. When I pointed to her how high my socks were, she bursts out laughing.

Roped in KZ to help me out with Aricia, bring her in and out (just in case I can't come back in time) school. I parked along the eateries, put a coupon for 1 hr from 8.30am and we walked to school.

I didn't have the intention of staying in the school for long, until I bumped into Serennia again. We chatted and I stayed for the orientation. Pray hard I don't get summon coz' my coupon is timed-out!! Hmm... didn't see my ex-classmate at all. Didn't see J at all, she's at work. But her girl, saw me and called me. She met some people she knew and we were introduced. The good thing is I knew some mothers, the bad thing is I haven't even found one who's child is in the same class as Athena. (hey! whatever happened to me supposedly being a mega bitch??)

Athena asked me what I was doing there in school when we were walking around. She seemed happy.
Anyway, not only groups of parents were on orientation. The children too!

You know who was leading my group? My Chinese teacher!! Hahaha! I didn't reveal who I was until a long time later... when we passed the school teachers' photos and she commented in chinese "last time I was so pretty, now I'm so old already not pretty anymore." I added "no! you still look as pretty as before." She was stunned with this fatso's remark until I continued "you were my teacher before" She couldn't believe her ears and was shocked with this reunion. Came and hugged me.. spoke to me about her daughters and I recalled her older girl is the same age as I am.

End of the orientation, she asked for my contact and gave me hers.
After the orientation, I went to the Parent Volunteer section to put down my name. I had been contemplating on this since our Orientation Day, just that I couldn't commit at that time. I still can't!
During orientation, we were given forms on the various helps they need. There were areas like helping out in the cybercafe; traffic ( I think with my kan-cheong ness to try to clear cars in that small road, will cause accident instead); enrichment help with English (interested in that, but with my sister pointing out my mistakes....I doubt I'm good at all. It's very early too from 7.30 - 7.50am. Which can be good, I can quickly do what I need to do and then go back home, but then it will mean that I have to bring Aricia to school much earlier before che-che.) In the end, I signed up for adhoc services eg.. events.
Mum say I'm crazy, shouldn't waste time as it is I already don't have enough time myself. I thought it's good to have that partnership with the school. Though no profit-sharing but it's going to be intangible help to my children if I'm involved.

Time passed by so quickly and soon it's time the P1 children are dismissed. *I brought my video camera & camera but so paiseh to bring out the video cam)

I'm so proud of her. She did well for her first day

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