Monday, December 31, 2007


29th December
I was in Telok Blangah for Jayden's full month celebration alone. Great to be alone without the kids while hubby and KZ battle with the kids. But then.... I tell you Athena behave better when I'm not around. I don't know if I owe her something is it, she must taunt me; test my patience. So what battle??

Hubby came by to pick me up and we went to Vivocity. And we were only there 2 days ago. Everything is still fresh in their memory. Aricia upon seeing the water was so happy, when we left the place; she kept turning her head back to see - not that it'll change our decision to let them play in water (since we didn't bring any towel or change of clothes)

In the end, I allowed Athena to dip her legs. Aricia looked on...(quite poor thing)

Umm... water.

Nobody's looking at me, I'll walk over now
Hee hee... nobody's stopping me. I'm so close to the water now

yay! victo....(about to dip feet in) eeeee.......

Athena kept talking about the cable car and the "Mount Flavour" she went up to. Okay, I get the hint. I'll bring her there

I went to PageOne to see if they carry what I found in Taiwan. Sigh.... no. So it means I'll still have to ask hubby to help me buy in TPE when he's there.

Ps: Must remember to send NEW YEAR sms greetings. I didn't know that my Xmas one didn't go through until today as I was clearing my Messages. Some friends send me before I sent out mine, they must have thought I'm rude not to reply back greetings. Some friends send to me after "I've sent out" and I didn't reply thinking they're replying back greetings. Oh my!

31st December
Stayed at home the whole day, busy with the two noisy & playful kids.

Come evening we went for seafood in East Coast. I don't know if there's telepathy between hubby and me... I was just craving for chilli crabs 2 days ago.

After dinner, we set of some sparklers (needed to use them). Athena, as usual, act brave "yes, I want" then in the end, you see her running away. That sparklers attracted children no doubt, they asked to play.

Hubby was asking "where to go??" Dunno.... was he contemplating on the idea of staying up late? In the end, we went back home. I guess there comes a time when all the staying up past midnight to usher in the new year makes no sense to us anymore. We'd rather settle the kids in to sleep; we stay in the nice cooling bedroom (no smelly perspiration to smell)

Photos :
The waiting game : waiting for family
The grandfather with his 3 grandchildren
Funny Iggy, squinting his eyes when you tell him to smile
The elder - dai gah che

Not forgetting, Public Service Announcement


Roslyn said...

Athena just doesn't look like a 5yr old too me. She looks so grown-up compared to mine. Like a little lady. Oh, my children too. When the parents not around, they're very well behaved. Even my friends said the same thing about their children. You're not alone. Happy New Year!

Lily Ann said...

Alot of people say that too. She falls above 90%tile. That's why when we compare her to her lil' sister, her sister is really very very little.
I wonder why.....why they just don't listen to their parents

Roslyn said...

I think they're just trying to get our attention, albeit the wrong way.

Lily Ann said...


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