Sunday, December 23, 2007

Empty brain

Where did my brain go? Lost?
Goash! I can't believe this!! It's 23rd today at 11.58pm and I realised I forgot to bring my helper for her medical re-examination and *gasp* it's the due date!! Yah yah! I know it was sent to us one month ago, I somehow lost the letter and by the time I found the letter, I pasted infront of me and that was only one day before I left for Taipei.

Told myself I gotta bring her for the check up when I came back and I totally forgot.

My blind eyes didn't see, my blank brain didn't think. No wonder hubby say "you pasted right infront of you, you can also forget. Of course lah! I've got things to do leh! Not like I'm so free to sit down infront of my laptop everyday. And when I do (in the night, in the dimly lit bedroom) tell me how to see??

And now, I remember the Insurance thing also. Argh! I hate it when I'm supposed to bao-gah-liao everything - the helper; the children. And the hubby still think I'm the free-est person. But still it's unlike me to do things last minute so I'm panicking. I'm worried MOM might send me to jail.... Haha! May be a good idea actually.

Darn! Every year near to Christmas I feel like hitting my own head.

I remember I am suppose to buy the Advent Calendar for Athena, but.... FORGOT! Then I tell myself to remember to get them a santarina costume and I FORGOT!
Just what is happening to me?? Am I losing my memory??

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