Sunday, December 30, 2007


It's been a while since I've written about what she's been doing and how she is peforming in class. She loves to do the energy ball thing at home. But..... she'll jump straight to the second portion (the eating part) - I'm sorry I can't explain how it's done but Shichida parents should know what I'm talking about.

I don't know how long I am going to put her in the superbly expensive class, although I do do home sessions with her; they seem to have prepared alot of DIY stuffs and that keeps Aricia interested and curious. I can't keep up in making things for her, been re-using them (and I think she's bored with them). As it is, I'm really rushed in making flashcards for her. And I still haven't complete in doing another song flashcard for her. Sigh....
And those mothers who keep insisting that they do everything for their child, I wonder if they're bull-shitting. Here I am battling for extra time; going to bed at 3am; trying my best to do what I can before my eyelids close on me; before my brain auto shutdown for me.

As she and the other 2 boys are a little older now, they added another thing in their ESP to choose from. Eg. it used to be a choice of "is it behind this red house or blue house." Now it has become "is it behind this red house, blue house or green house."

They have also added sequencing in their class. And oh my! I've only learn about "what is sequencing" last year from Ms Chan.
Actually they said sequencing / patterning helps in Maths, which I still don't understand how it works on something arithmetic. Anyone can enlighten me on this?
And you know what? Never under-estimate babies at this age. My girl can do it! Although she is restless and playful (can't sit down still) in class, she will tell you the answer.
The week before the term break, we were pasting the coloured stickers on the reindeer noses in AB pattern. She could take the sticker strip to me to show me which colour to paste next.

Restless :
I think both my children have this problem. They can't sit still for long, maybe abit like me. Or maybe they have mild ADHD?? Though I'm assured they are perfectly normal active children. That means I'm a more aggitated/irritated parent.
Aricia is the only student who will always come down from her chair; climb down from my legs and go to the mattress behind the class. Make her sit on the table when showing flashcards or playing music to keep her down. I mean.... how long can I go on making / doing all these unconformed things in a class? Though sensei don't say anything, I feel so paiseh.
After some time too, she'll need some coaxing to do activities or I have to think of ways to get her attention. The other 2 boys will be sitting down quietly. Sigh...

Suggestions from sinseh :
1) bring her into the class much earlier to settle her in, make her play and tire out so she'll sit down quietly when class starts (Aricia though tired will 'dong' all the way and worst still even more restless and will move non-stop)
2) she noticed that sometimes I have food and feed her before the class starts ( I don't have a choice. Her class starts at 12.15pm and ends at 1.30pm. It's already considered late to feed her close to 2pm.) and suggests that I don't feed her coz' food gives her more energy = then active. In my opinion = to more tantrums from her
3) 5 minutes suggestion (yes, I think I should do it sometime again. But I'm having problem.. you see KZ is the one who puts her to sleep. Although I've been telling her upteem times to put her back in her cot; Aricia has been co-sleeping in the same mattress. Why? her excuse was "I put her to sleep and I also fall asleep until next morning" So, how am I suppose to "talk" to Aricia with KZ sleeping next to her?? And also I'll be in the room - coz that's the only time I can find - which is why I'm working late into 3+am everyday coaxing nagging at Athena to sleep and stop playing. Yes... instead of putting her into bed in her room, I don't want to waste time idling in her bed not doing anything so I've resorted to asking her to sleep on our bed first then we'll (me) carry her back)

I think I should do the 5 minutes suggestion. That is if KZ co-operates with me!

Her term break report :
Areas of good potential
Aricia has shown improvements this term. She is getting better at ESP games and takes good pictures during photo memory games. She is able to listen to a short story or book with good concentration. She can also understand simple concepts introduced in class. Aricia loves to sing and dances to the songs played in class. Fantastic job, Aricia!

Suggestions for improvements
Mummy can continue trying the 5 minutes suggestion method to improce her concentration span. Also, before home practice, get her to do energy balls and blowing exercises to help her feel relaxed first. Try to input more on basic concepts such as colours, sizes, shapes, letters, numbers, quantity, sequence, comparison, time etc..

Parental strength
Mummy has been patient with Aricia in class. You present the materials well too! You have also been consistent in home practice. I'm sure Aricia appreciates all that mummy has done for her too!

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