Thursday, December 6, 2007

Meet & Greets - 1

Pulled her out from school on Thursday and brought her for 2 shows. Was considering the Disney Princess as well... but we have already chased after them in Disneyland, I'm not going to queue up just for that short less than 5 minute photo-taking.

So, we went to Noddy @ Forum and Flintstones @ Jurong Point - both which ends this week. It's record breaking for me - 2 M&Gs in a day.

Aricia enjoyed herself dancing and never stopped moving for both shows, but she was frightened when they all went up on stage for the photo-taking. Such a timid girl! Oh no! Does she have the same scaredy-cat personality as Athena?

Noddy Saves Christmas!
Being a kiasu Singaporean, we saw a queue forming and so we stood in line. Well... I asked KZ to go ahead first as I needed to find some things in Twinkle Thinkers. Sometimes it pays to be kiasu, we get good seats. Okay, it's free seating but at least we were in the front.

The show hasn't started but the lady in white, Michelle, came out to teach the children how to dance to 2 songs.

Then the show started. Aricia swayed to the music, eyes fixed on those big big things on stage.

The show ended with confettis falling from above. As usual, kids will pick it up. Athena, trained from all the pinatas, did rather well in swiping quite alot up. And dunno why... she came back to me to give me "put in your bag mummy", went back to take some more which obviously not much after that, and insisted that I kept it nicely for her "so that I can do some thing.."

After the show, we plonked ourselves at McDonalds. No seats inside so we sat near the entrance, good also! Can run if a queue forms.Hee!

Really... a queue was formed at 2pm even though they will only start giving out half an hour or so later before the M&G. I was talking to the lady behind me who was also waiting in line at the same time for the show.
Oh my! The lady brought her children to so many shows. Her conversation then led to "your daughter watches Noddy on TV?"

Huh? You mean they show on TV now?? I didn't even know... but anyway Athena knows Noddy through a storybook in school. It helps too that she has some toys with Noddy on it.
The mother then surprised me with her next statement. "This Noddy is a new cartoon.." I corrected her, it's been there since my time (and from her looks I think she should be around the same age as I am or maybe older) and was written by Enid Blyton. I read the books and knew the characters. So bringing Athena to this show was partially to revoke my memories of Noddy and the Toyland characters.

Wah! Number 7 again! If I'm not mistaken, I was also No.7 for the Dora M&G. And 7 is my lucky number
Aricia is happy to see them again. Look at her funny expression on the bottom left picture

Then she got scared and held on tightly to KZ
I managed to attract her attention by shouting her name, jumping like one crazy woman (actually I am crazy what?!)

Noddy waving his last goodbye to the children
The photo session is done, there's a workshop and I tried my luck in queuing up for the slot to go in just incase some people don't turn up.
Well... only one boy is allowed in the rests of us were rejected. Well, I will try it with Athena one day so I snapped this photo.

Since I still had a little time left, no time to go down Concourse to get my tree, decided to pop over to Orchard Hotel to see the big Candy House instead. No regrets!
Wow! Gives me the inspiration to do up the gingerbread house kit I have.... but I'm afraid that Athena will start coughing... so what can I put besides sweets and biscuits?

Aricia touching the "tang"s

Time Check : 4+pm
Then it's off to Jurong Point for the 7pm show. Well, Athena has no idea who the Flintstones are. I thought KZ would know but she has no idea... and I can't remember what's Fred's best friend name

Athena complaint that the dance segment is too short, which I felt likewise.

They were playing Christmas songs prior to the start of the show, Aricia is seen here stamping her feet

Practising the Dino Dance

Must admit I was more excited than the 2 of them. I can't wait to see Pebbles and the sexy Wilma.
When they played the theme song, I was singing to it :

Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones
They're a modern stone age family

From the, town of Bedrock

They're a page right out of history

Let's ride, with the family down the street
Through the, courtesy of Fred's two feet

When you're, with the Flintstones

Have a yabba, dabba, doo time

A dabba doo time
We'll have a gay, old time!

Yabba Dabba Doo

Ps : Seems like Youtube can't read the video file so I deleted from my entry. Anyway it's only dancing and dancing.

Meet & Greet - which I feel is the messiest of the lot we've been to.

The bookmarks given during the M&G and Qs section

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