Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ignatius's 1st Bear from me

We passed by Build-A-Bear in HarbourFront Centre and showed brother the place. I wanted to give Ignatius something so asked them to choose. They initially wanted the cow for him, but the SA was saying that those are not asthma-free. Only one bear is, in the end brother chose for Ignatius the bear.

Yah... he thought that was it, until I told him he can choose the sound thing before the SA sew the bear up. I sounded abit suaku, still asked "you mean you sew the bear??How come my girl's bear has a long string??" Until I remembered hubby didn't want them to sew it up coz' he bought the personalized message thing, and he obviously needed my "beautiful" voice in it.So.. we still never sew it up just incase we need to change the thing. Which the SA said "you don't have to do it on your own, you can bring down and we can do it. *sounding even more suaku* " it??"
Actually.... Andrea is made in Parramatta, Sydney. In her certificate, it's stated as Bear Factory. We remember we first saw it in Zurich and Athena wanted one bear, but shops were opened much later and we had to rush to the airport that day. But I remember that Bear Factory has alot of stuff toys, much more than Build-A-Bear. So when hubby made Andrea, he chose everything himself and my duty is to dress Andrea up. Anyway, there is no way for us to bring to any shops in Singapore to unsew the bear if we had sewed it up in the first place.. coz' no Bear Factory here and I doubt BABW will help us. Now, as I google search, it seems like there's so many Bear Factory so I don't know which one it was or has it been merged and renamed.

I've never spent so long dressing up in a shop before..and Ian made me tire out just by dressing him. Ai's so easy dressing Andrea but boys hor..... so many layers.

IAN - yes, that's the bear's name. Why Ian? SIL liked the name also, she had wanted to have Ian in Ignatius's name... so anyway we had no idea what to name the bear until I suggested it. Hee!

Videos :

See Ignatius's blur face..

Umm.. this is so fun. I have excuse to buy Ian clothings next time.

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