Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Signs of a crazy mother

I really spoil my kids. I said it's useless to start the Panini Princess collection, I ended up buying it for her. And the stickers costs $1 per pack.

Athena is into the Princess craze now. Perhaps I should change the theme of her room to Princess huh.
The mother also joined in the craze.. just because I was deprived of these when I was younger.

Another sign of me being a crazy mother. I hate Barbie Dolls coz' Athena threw the accessories on the floor; messing up the place...but I love to buy clothes for Andrea. Maybe coz' I love bears?? I've bought a few clothes from Austria; London and now Taiwan and I will not stop. Even if Athena throw the clothes all over the floor I don't mind........

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