Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The days leading to Christmas

All my postings seem to be very backdated, and I haven't updated the childrens' blogs.

Went to watch Alvin And The Chipmunk. The children enjoyed the show, especially Aricia was fixated to the big screen in the beginning part where the music played. And anytime when there's music after that. She was rather well-behaved inside.
There was this big wallpaper of the chipmunks outside but the staff stopped me from taking photos. I really wonder why... Athena was rather sad. Promised her we'll find some place for her to take photo. Walked over to Carrefour. I was trying to find my Opera cake but I think they don't sell it anymore..funny videos


Blur me.. turn off the alarm clock and went back to sleep. By the time I woke up one hour later, I realised we'll not make it in time for her Art class. + Athena was still in bed. And so...we didn't go. I cannot make it lah! Can't arrange to have her classes at 9am. At least give me some time to sleep in a little longer. So I'm glad she's finishing it off this month. Called the school to enquire about the make up lesson coz' Mr Lim was on MC for 2 lessons, so they allowed me to go in for 2 classes in January.
Funny KZ! She saw something in NTUC and asked me "mom, this one cardigan?" Guess what she was referring to?? The Christmas tree base cloth. OMG! I replied her "Aunty! This is for Christmas tree, not cardigan! You want this cardigan or not? I buy this for you??


Brought her to school, not knowing that it's half day today and next Monday - New Year's Eve. I don't know too if they're having any Christmas party in school so brought along her dress. Turned out it was done last Friday.
Was abit sad that she missed it coz' she'd love it, but what can I do? Her violin concert coincided with it.

Brought KZ for her examination and also called MOM, turned out I didn't have to get the insurance for my helper.
Passed by her school when we got back from the clinic. They were only playing. Decided to bring her out from school early so that I can bring her up for her follow up with the sinseh instead of doing it in the evening. Glad I did that, coz' I brought her shopping with me after seeing the sinseh. Hubby met us at Tampines for Christmas dinner. We weren't the type to make bookings for Christmas or New Year dinners in fanciful places - not when we have 2 noisy kids to spoil the nice ambience - so we settled for Billy Bombers.

Top L to R : Beef Rib Triple Combo, America Hum Dinger
Bottom L to R : Kids Meal - Walnut Fish & Wedges, Fudge cake

Went home at 8+ 9 pm. Old already... no need to usher Christmas or the New Year. Our rest is more important.

Checked with Ms Clanna what they're doing on Wednesday, if not I might as well pull her out from school. They're cleaning the school and the children are asked to bring a small pail and rag to clean their own cubby hole. Oh good! This mother thinks her daughter needs to do some housework. But.... then aha! the school will realise that children will end up playing with water = more mess in school = messy children = they will not do it next year. *evil laughter* Okay, I will definitely bring her into the school by hook & by crook. Would love to video her doing the work but then.... nobody's free to do it + I'll have to bring Ari for her MMR + the school will think this mother is really crazy.

In the night psycho-ed Athena on Santa Claus (again) Haha! It's really sweet that she obliged in writing a note to Santa. And we didn't have any cookies (ahem.. actually we have but I worry about ants in her room incase I forgot to remove it. And I have to eat them - I don't mind if it's chocolate but they're not so I won't eat it) so we put a packet of Milo and Cornflakes. Cornflakes?? Really funny! Somehow she suggested in drawing a picture of Santa- which don't look at all like him . And she wrote "I love you Santa" and drew so many 'hearts' - that's very cute & sweet. I'm wondering if she really knew Santa don't exist and fortunately this year I didn't have to think of ridiculous answers to her question of "how is Santa coming by?" While she slept, I quickly wrote the notes to the 2 kiddos, not like Aricia will understand it but must bluff all the way right? Put the bubble thing I bought for them + take sweets from fridge to put inside. I play cheat.
I heard Athena saying something about Santa give her some thing and mei-mei. Then when I asked her if anyone came by. She said "Santa came but mummy Santa didn't take the letter with him" *looked sad* "Did he take the letter last year?" "Yes" *forgetful me!* Didn't do much in the morning. The children (ahem...Athena) opened their pressies.

This is from Jachelle. I thought what she wrote "I love you and i" cute!!

Then went over to mom's place for Christmas lunch.

The pressies on our console is an eyesore. I really need to give out the pressies soon to clear the space - all will be done this week.

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