Thursday, December 27, 2007

The 2 Godmas

26th December :
Met up with my 2 children's Godma after Ari's vaccination to do some Christmas delivery - late delivery this year. What to do? We came back from Taipei and a week later was Christmas. I still have the children to give later and Godma Wilma. And my place will be neat again.

Fairy Godma Angeline (Aricia's 2nd Godma)
Went to her workplace to pass her her Christmas present.
Aricia messed up her place, kept pushing the things behind. I felt so paiseh..

Fairy Godma Ling Li (Athena's Godma)
Since LL stays closeby where I went, I made arrangements to meet her. Thank goodness, she is in Singapore and it was really a last minute arrangement to meet her.
Oh my! You know I haven't met this woman since Athena's 4th birthday party!!! Both of us are busy with our own things. Well... she has no excuse the following year. I told her she can have Athena over at her house when she starts Primary 1, coz' her school will be nearby.

We met in CoffeeBean for a chat. My little girl as usual is aggitated for sitting down too long ( in her too long is only barely 20 mins) and wants to be out of the highchair. Well....just nice she walked on her own, showing off her skills. Fly-kissing everyone; walking to and fro like Miss Universe with her cute actions.

Photos :

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