Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Lunch

Lunch was to start at 1pm but was told catering will be there at 12.30pm. Anyway, wanted to leave the house early but with kids ah.... there's no such thing as planning ahead coz' the whole timing simply runs amok when you have children! Picked up the cake and went over to mom's place. Click here for story of log cake Brother's godma and godsister was there already. And a little tiger greeted us at the front door. Roar!
I didn't bring the gingerbread house along with me, coz' I have no idea what else to put besides sweets and biscuits. And so.... it's left idled and I think it will expire sometime in July or August 2008??
You should check this out! Brother DIY-ed a fireplace which is so beautiful. Of course nothing is impossible for my artistic brother.
I bought some things for the kids. Brother was saying the fireplace is too fragile and I didn't want to bring down the whole fireplace so instead of stuffing the stockings for the 3 kids and hanging them up,I bought them this Santa bag and put in some things. Ai yah... bluff kids one lah! (next year can recycle the Santa bag) The 3 kiddos. Very difficult to get all 3 looking at you. I really salute those photographers who can handle kids
In gatherings, the adult mingle. Well... the children mingles amongst themselves too. This was taken barely 15 mins of stepping into the house.
The 3 of them having a conference

And then Aricia shared her pacifier with Iggy. YuCkS!(See how she turns the pacifier over facing Iggy)

I've always liked their fibre optic tree Of course not forgetting how SIL will do up the table properly too! With well-co-ordinated table cloth; skirting + christmas garland etc..I wouldn't have bothered so much with this.(more food was added on after I took these photos) The invited guests :
- Family (including us)
- Brother's Godma & Godsister

- Yishun ma-ma (SIL's mother)
- Ah gou (my father's sister and husband)
- Aunty Pat and family

Oh! How can I forget that I improvised this red dress with a black DIY belt to make Aricia pose as a Santarina. Would have looked more convincing if I did the white furry things. But I didn't think about it until yesterday. She refuse to wear the hat, if not.. ai yah! anyway her pacifier already spoil the picture!!
(they were saying that the dress is too big for her. Of course what! It was present from Athena's Godma, Ling Li to Athena when she was 2 or 3? And how can you compare that pui pui girl and this little girl?!
And it's also Ignatius's 1st Christmas! Lucky boy! He don't have to be 1 year old to receive so many presents this year. It's the advantage of being an early year child. Athena was only 1 month old & Aricia was 2+ months old.

It's nice that Aunty Pat and family accepted our invitation, meeting the family after such a long long time.
Umm.. wonder if wedding bells are ringing soon for Brendan and Nalie??
In this photo : Brendan - older son with Nalie. Uncle Yeap and Aunty Pat
Kevin - younger son
Mom, Aunty Pat (who likes to suddenly speak in Cantonese & I'm lost!!) and the fatty me
The children then opened their pressies starting with Ignatius, the youngest baby
I like the top left pic, which had the 3 of them opening up the box and trying to help Ignatius.
Athena's present from Dua-gu & Dua-kim
Present from Yishun mama
Both kiddos also received a Kiddy Palace voucher from mom

Aricia looking on at her presents from dua gu and Yishun mama

Athena, Santa's helper, gave out some chocolates.

We left for home about 5hrs + later. The children are tired, especially Athena who hadn't had any nap yet. We had a jolly good time today.

Okay, I gorged alot...today. Anyway I claimed that my New Year Resolution is to lose weight so I've only got 7 more days to eat as much as I want. LOL

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