Thursday, December 27, 2007


It was supposed to be a playdate made up of 6 children. We ended up with 2 - Alexandra and Athena.
- Nathan didn't come coz' his sister was not feeling well, so Moo Han had to stay @ home to take care of ShyAnne.
- Jachelle's mummy forgot all about it, and I just sms-ed her about 2 days ago?? When she realised it, she had already sent Jachelle to school.
- Elizabeth & Victoria didn't come coz mummy busy.
So all the time spent on arranging the playdate, was only left with us 2. It's back to square 1!

And I had to lug all the pressies back with me!!!! Argh!

Anyway, perhaps it's really a good idea to have just them both. They were playing with one another. Going to toilet together with me bringing them; and they both locked me out of the cubicle!! "mummy / aunty you stay outside." Wah!!! Heart pain leh... to hear this sentence from my own daughter.

We met at Carl's Jnr. Brother, mom and Iggy joined us last minute coz' they brought Athena back home in the morning (she stayed @ their place last night).
After lunch, we adjorned to the roof top skypark. Infact... the children were little wet from playing in the open-air playground so we adjorned sooner just incase they catch a cold.

Photos of the children.
* sigh..... I think my photography skills sucks! I can't seem to get nice photos of the children

Aricia enjoyed herself so much that she refused to come out.
Ohh....not that we're paid to do advertisement....>> We forgot to remove her diaper and brought her in. Some time later...... KZ felt she was walking slower and slower. Brought her out and see how absorbent Drypers is !?!? Haha!

Ignatius joined in too. But I haven't got any photos of him in my camera, I took alot in brother's camera will have to wait for him to pass the photos to me.
Lil' Aleciabeth didn't have to be in the water to be happy. She was smiling all the time. Such a charming lil' girl.
The videos :

The blur me can sms-ed everyone to bring extra clothings. But guess what! I brought her extra clothings but forgot about her panty. Sigh......

We went to Pet Safari after that. The 2 children were happy to see the pets inside. Alexandra was excited when she saw this pug, which she said it's a bulldog. I squimmed my eyes trying to make crinkles on my face and asked her if I looked like that dog. "No! You look like a fat pig."
!?!?!?! A child never lies...........I'M FAT!!!
The kids went to ToysRUs and Alexandra asked me to buy her something which I promised her.... but when her mummy came later spoke to her nicely explaining blah blah.. she listened to her mummy. I really envy her, Athena cannot be spoken to in that calm manner. It's just the child's personality - afterall Master Tan did say it's difficult to bring up Athena (can't use the soft approach and can't use the hard approach). I bought Athena the Barbie Island Princess Playset - goash! I spoil my kid!
I don't know how many times I've promised her "I'm not buying you anymore toys.." in the end..... okay even my helper don't believe my words anymore.

Anyway, I've promised Alexandra I'll get her the toy once she moves to her new place.

When we came out of Toys R Us, the 2 of them were so tired to sit in the stroller. And so Angeline and myself ended the playdate about 4hrs+ later.

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