Monday, December 31, 2007

Flashcards Ideas

I was supervising Athena in the Shichida worksheets today - mind you she was doing the 4 year old sets. We backtracked a little since I got those stacks quite late from Angeline.

Then came to this part about the 4 seasons. I know in my KIV topics for flashcard making is on "Seasons" But you know what they drew on the worksheets??
Have illustrations of flowers and asked them to choose which season they belong to. ?!?!?
OMG! How would I know? Athena looked at me for answers... all i know is sunflower - summer. poinsetts - winter and ..... the rests of the flowers are based on what i've seen when I was flying but I don't even know the names of the flowers.

If that is not difficult enough, they even have illustrations on the Japan festivities (one illustration shows what looks to me an altar with the tablet) and ask the children to choose which season does it fall under. Huh? I'm not a genius leh! even if I try to make my children a genius, they wouldn't know all these information right?

Will search on the above 2 things. Or maybe can ask Kayoko about it.

Meanwhile, check this out. It does give me an idea on how to expand on my flashcards words to put in each seasons. Yay! Salute to search engine!

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