Monday, November 12, 2007


I don't know what's wrong. The two of them love to play "passing the germs" game. It's never been like this before. But my kiddos are more frequent in visiting the doctor. Uh uh..not good. Then I want to stop the cordeyceps coz' eat already very wasted especially when they're sick. So it's like "give, don't give, give, don't give." I'm also having a headache.

Last Thursday, Athena suddenly had fever out of no reason. But managed to bring it down for her. She stayed at home on Friday while I brought mei-mei out for her class. At the same time, I was too "prison warden" in separating them both. Only to hear Athena screaming "mummy..... I sit here then mei-mei keep crawling to me..... mummy...." Friday afternoon, Athena was alright. Just as how the fever came suddenly I had no time to think why it disappeared suddenly. Oh well, some peek-a-boo game I suppose.

Today, Aricia had a little fever and this girl - is to set off my red PANIC BUTTON kind . Shit! Another fits. Gotta go!

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