Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Finally she's been discharged. Even if they say no, I was to demand a discharge or a change in room.

In the feedback form, I wrote :
"My request for an A class was not adhered to. Been put on waitlist since admission, I doubt I'm that unlucky not to have an A class. My daughter was admitted a month ago, at that time there was also no A class but husband asked for a transfer to another hospital - suddenly an A class is available.(?!?) Does it mean that I have to resort to this method too? I checked with another staff at the nurse station only to be told it's full and have to wait till someone is discharged. Whatever it is, I had expected some kind of communication going on between the staffs and patient. Don't keep us waiting? Waiting for a hope perhaps but probably it was long forgotten. I don't know how things work here. Apparently, can't they just put us in another ward? The nurses and doctors are excellent but we had an unbearable stay!"

Follow up
This time round they are going to give me a follow up in a month's or less time.Dr Choong will see her, and I feel so assured. I felt rather embarrassed too on Tuesday when (you know as usual so many doctors come on round and you dunno who you're talking to) I told her "my husband insist on getting a specialist to see her." "my dear, I'm a specialist. I'm a neurologist and let me assure you she don't need to do any tests." I feel like disappearing into thin air for being a dumb bimbo. Of course they assigned a neurologist to see her what?! Maybe I need one for myself to check whether my brain is still working. But then again, you don't expect me to peep at her name tag to see who she is and if she's a consultant or senior consultant - will be so rude.
I'm glad she's going to follow up on Aricia instead of passing it to some newbie doctor coz' having read through her achievements and being a President of Epilepsy Care, I would definitely feel more comfortable. And also she gave me the assurance that nothing is wrong with Aricia with her words and her tap on my back. It feels like she's done beyond her duties.
I find this girl rather amusing.Yesterday, I brought her to see mei-mei in the hospital. She was walking in front of me and she automatically walked to Ward 86 where Aricia was warded the first time. I had to call her back to go to Ward 85.
She thinks she's in a hotel, which was why she kept wanting to stay in the hospital with me the first time. And cried buckets, I tell you it's fake lah! Yesterday she also cried "I want mummy....I want mummy.....I love mummy.."
And everytime she comes to see her mei-mei (the first time warded last month) she'll run to the table where I left the food to find food. She'll munch and munch. Then when the auntie comes along with the Milo and biscuit or cake for the patient; she thinks it's for her. She'll si herself down and bring the things to her. Haha! Yesterday was no different. She already had her udon, the auntie came with the Milo and biscuit and she continued eating. How to tell her it's meant for patient? It'll make her sad... so I kept quiet.
Then she'll want to climb into the cot with mei-mei and suddenly love her mei-mei so much. I laughed too when a patient cried when his brother left for home. I told the parents "children are so funny. When they're at home they fight. When one's in hospital, they love each other so much."
I think KZ also think this way. Twice, she saw the jug of water.. poured herself a cup and drinks it. How to tell her??


Shannon's Mummy said...

Glad to hear that Aricia discharged from KKH. Ohya.. to differenciate the doctor at KKH, simply look at the color of the landyards or badgeline. I think black is for specialist! :P

Lily Ann said...

Oh is it? I didn't notice their lanyards.
How's Shannon now?

Shannon's Mummy said...

Shannon is recovering well.. Still coughing and will go for another therapy this afternoon. :)