Monday, November 19, 2007

The children sick! And I am sick!

Can't believe the bouts of bad luck we had. Aricia basically didn't have a fit moment after her first discharge from hospital in September. She fell sick at home twice coz' the loving sisters had to pass the germies from one another. Then she was warded again for the second fits, then she had diarrhoea.
It started on Thursday, the day after she was discharge. And I went "oh my god! why is it everytime we leave KKH she has diarrhoea?" The food she ate there, I don't wish MOH to call me again and accuse me of feeding my children bacteria-infested food. Dr Tan was saying "KKH needs to leave her a souvenir everytime she leaves the place?" "well, it's definitely not the souvenir I wanted her to have." I self-medicate at home but things took for the worse on Saturday when she vomitted twice when we were in Singapore Expo and in the car on our way home. Immediately, we went to see Dr Tan who gave her a suppository to stop the vomitting. I was puzzled how she got the diarrhoea. It definitely can't be the food we fed her, coz' when she was discharged on Wednesday, we've been giving her plain porridge. I mean, if we put in fish or meat inside her porridge there can be a possibility of it being contaminated for being kept long or whatever (anyway, their food is usually is just nice for the week). But plain porridge?!?!
Myself and KZ took turns to take care of Aricia. Taking temperatures just in case...
On Sunday, we left Aricia at home & brought che-che out to Ikea (she had been bugging us to bring her to the playground). Funny! We both didn't have appetite. dear girl vomitted on me in the car! Shit! Another one and it's confirmed the same symptoms so took mei-mei's medicine to feed her. To play safe, I only fed her 3.5ml (which Dr Tan said it's not enough, she should be taking 5ml - how would I know anyway? better to give lesser then over dosage right?)
KZ upon hearing that told me "mum, you had better rest early. You have been sleeping late all these while preparing her party. Afterwards you fall sick also." Well, I didn't have to wait that long for it to take effect. That evening - BINGO! I vomitted and had diarrhoea. Darn! Just the time when I need to have Dimente at home, I don't have it! I vomitted more than the children, which is good coz' it'll be terrible to see them vomitting as much as I did. I swear, after vomitting 6 times in a span of 10 hours my tummy's flat. Good news?
Today, asked hubby to stay at home to help take care of the children coz' I'm in no position to do so myself. Hubby brought us to see the doctor. And the good news we heard this morning, Aricia is back to normal. So, we really avoided all contact with her since we're highly contagious. Athena had a suppository while I took an injection. Obviously, this is a virus not bacteria caused.

Slept and slept so much..... wow! this is enjoyment! When you don't have to take care of the children and sleep and sleep... but surely I should be doing this when I'm well and not halfway to dead land.
I'm facing too much stress lately! Coz' of the time constraints and things that have been happening to my children, I have been putting off some things to prepare for her party so now I'm behind time. And for a person like me who don't like last minute job - this is really one! I still need to get things done and now with me down for the early part of the week, I'll have to make sure that I'm well by Wednesday to do everything.
What makes it more frustrating too, is that some people don't seem to understand the invite to RSVP. So irresponsible! I needed the headcount, rather than have too much excess food (like in Aricia's BD party). Seeing how irresponsible some people are, and the number of friends that can make it with RSVPs, I was thinking heck with organising one in Go Go Bambini or Rhythm in Me next year. But I pity my girl lor.......a birthday party is something that she looks forward to. But then again ,maybe some people seeing where I'm holding it - at home; must be boring - decided to give it a miss. But it's a really sore feeling you know what I mean? I'm not saying that my girl is a VIP that everyone had to flock to her party, but it's just disappointing how some people just gave it a miss although they had nothing on. That's what some friends told me! Too honest and straight into the face? I don't think anyone is pleased to hear it.
Whatever it is, I have to be fair to those who is coming down. And I hope the children will have a good time. Most importantly, Athena will have a good time. I am so excited with something which I managed to find in Candy Empire - something like the Kinder Surprise but it's Dora the Explorer. It costs $3 for one.*gasp* And since in this case, everyone may be able to bring home more than one. Well, if it can bring the smiles to some childrens' faces, its worth it.

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