Thursday, November 1, 2007

Aricia 2

This is my first child that poo while bathing. Not once, but twice (on separate occasions)! And it's so yucky!!

Waah waah
Naughty girl was seen bouncing her ball hard (the harder she throws, the more guo4 yin3 she is), somehow it hit the wall instead of the floor... and it bounced... and *tang* hit her forehead.
She sat there stunned and wailed out loud after that.

Hugs and ...
She loves to hug something now, either her own bear, hugs sister's bear so dearly. She has that kind of loving look. Then somehow ... and then threw it away

She loves the Pooh walker now. Been walking and walking. Normally she'll sit down whenever we try to hold both hands to walk. Today the girl surprised me when she allowed me to hold one hand while she walked. Nah! She still can't stand on her own so it will take some time before she really walks on her own.

Can say I am looking forward for her to walk on her own, but then again we will be more busy/tired running after her.


M said...

Just read ur blog entries, gosh, dinno under 39deg can cause fits! I've been complacent abt fever temps since #2 came along, recently hover 38deg also din send to doc!

BTW I used to be very aggressive abt sponging, very angmoh style, bring temp down at all other costs. Recently less kancheong so not so hardcore.

The playdate cookies look fab, u used icing to do the outline? Phoon Huat is the other baking shop I like. BIY very out-of-place from my location.

Glad kids r better, the pic of Aricia's hand is so keksim.

Lily Ann said...

Hi Mel,
I don't think it will happen to all child. It can be hereditary - in my case I found out hubby did have fits when he was younger
Whatever it is, never be complacent.I feel so guilty. Thanks alot for your concern.

Yes, I used icing to do the outline.Look nice only lah.... my family prefer the smaller ones; taste better.Hee!